MaximOnline complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s statutory provisions, including 17 U.S.C. section 512, which allows copyright owners to rectify copyright infringements.


If you find that there has been a violation of section 512, whether through online infringement or the delivery of protected material. Please contact us at: 

Industrial Electronics Pte Ltd, Singapore 348471, 50 MacPherson Rd, #05-01 Amazana Building, email:


In the DMCA complaints about copyright or infringement concerns on this website, the following information must be included:

1. The owner’s or authorized personnel’s official signature on a copyright infringement complaint or a signed request for the removal of copyrighted material.

2. A brief and accurate description of the material in question.

3. An official statement of the alleged infringement, including when and where it occurred.

4. Information about the signee who is in charge of dealing with and resolving the copyright concerns at hand.

5. An official statement describing the unnecessary or unlicensed use of copyrighted photographs or content on the site.

6. Proof of the owner’s rights to the allegedly infringed material, as well as confirmation that all the provided information above is true.


Within 5 to 10 business days of receiving the claim, we will remove the content and material found to be infringing on existing copyright laws.