15 BEST Men’s Hat Brands You Need To Know

Before providing you a reliable list of popular men’s hat brands, here is a quick trivia about a fashion trend that is deeply rooted in the culture and social norms of the 19th century.

Hats were considered as a symbol of aristocracy and encompass conservative rules in wearing one. About a hundred years ago, men never left their houses without wearing a hat as to boys were also to wear a cap. According to the historical practice- between gentlemen, an inclination of the head, a gesture of the hand, or a mere touching of the hat is sufficient. But, in bowing to a lady, the hat must be lifted from the head.

A man with fedora hat in the jungle
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Above all of the traditions of wearing a hat, people nowadays wear a hat for various purposes. From height and volume adding, concealing the droopy eyelids to protecting their faces from UV rays. Some even agree that hats is an easy and effective solution to make face appear smaller without excessive make-up or aesthetic modifications.

Considering the wide variety of brands and shapes of hats out there, we took the liberty to help you narrow down the best 12 noteworthy men’s hat brands of 2019 in no particular order.


1. Goorin Brothers

Goorin Bros. hat brand Men's Wool Fedora Hat in light brown
Photo by Amazon

Established in 1985, this company has designed and manufactured the world’s finest fedoras and flat caps. Considered as one of the famous hat brands in the industry, Goorin Brothers provides not only a top-notch customization service, a 1-year manufacturer guarantee, but also exclusive hat shop services where they alter fit, steam, or spot clean any of their products that require some TLC.


2. Anderson & Sheppard

Anderson & Sheppard lightweight grosgrain trimmed felt hat in chocolate colour
Photo by official Anderson & Sheppard

Founded in 1906 in Savile Row, Anderson & Sheppard has been clothing royalty and statesmen ever since. The brand is well-known for its superior apparel and quality hats that are skillfully made that will even look better as it ages.

If you want comfort, Anderson & Sheppard is your go-to-brand. If it’s not convincing enough, try exploring the extensive hat options with British contemporary styles that’ll surely elevate your look every day look effortlessly.


3. Bailey

Bailey's white men's curtis hat with brown colour ribbon lining
Photo by Amazon

Bailey, founded in the year 1922, is a fashion-forward brand that continues to be one of the leaders of quality and innovation.

The hat maker’s name is none other than George S. Bailey. As a notable Hollywood leading man, he’s known to be an arbiter of taste and style. He devoted his existence to providing the fashion industry with quality hats and great luxurious styling.

He later then catered to the needs of the “New West” by styling oil tycoons, southern California ranchers, businessmen, and movie stars with his exquisite brand. Celebrities like Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant, who wore the brand mounted Bailey’s reputation as Hollywood’s premier hat maker.


4. Past Present

Past Present Brown Coloured Dapper Essential Hat Brand
Photo by official Past Present Australia

Rising as of one the best hat brands in the market, Past Present is an Australian brand that is inspired by the name itself. Merging the old school dapper of the past with the present-day modern man. The brand’s shared interest in quality and old school style which shows excellent promise for many years to come.

“We believe that the dapper gentleman of the past should not be left there and that well-made hats should be part of the modern man’s attire.”


5. Barbour

Barbour Wax Bushman Hat in Olive Green
Photo by official Barbour Website

Barbour is not one of the expensive hat brands that sell expensive hats but rather affordable and definitely durable with style. This British brand began in 1984 in the South Shields perfecting its classic wax jackets and hats for men, women, children, and even dogs. As one of the most popular hat brands out there, Barbour expanded over 40 retails stores worldwide, including the UK, US, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and more.

Today Barbour produces clothing that is designed for a full lifestyle wardrobe. However, the brand remains true to its core as a family-owned-and-operated business. which promotes values of the British Countryside and brings the qualities of wit, grit, and glamour to its aesthetically functional clothing.

From flat caps and bucket hats to fedoras and Panama hats, Barbour has so much to offer. Stay stylish in every season with Barbour. Whether you choose to have caps for a casual set up or a laid back look to a classy hat or even when you’re off to a fancy dinner party, Barbour is right there to spice up your outfit.


6. Larose

Larose Paris handmade headwear
Photo by official Larose Paris

If you are looking for hipster hats then this brand might suit your style needs. Larose’s hats and caps are ageless. Designed in the fashion capital of the world- Paris, their products are manufactured locally, using high-quality fabrics sourced from all over the world by French artisan experts. They have been operating as early as 1946. Isaac Larose and Marc Beaugé are the creators of this formidable brand.

The company’s elegant and captivating use of their fabrics, along with their stylish details of a timeless shape makes their hats and caps embody a touch of contemporary chic, mixing the spirit of Paris, London, and New York.


7. Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co. Hatters Santa Barbara Panama Hat in Beige
Photo by official Lock & Co. Hatters

This company is the world’s oldest hat shop, established in 1676, and the world’s 34th oldest family-owned business. It is located in James’s Street, London, and is a Royal warrant holder.

Responsible for designing the bowler hat, Lock & Co. Hatters is one of the pioneers amongst the best hat brands in the world.

The hat business propelled by Robert Davis and was continued by his son Charles and later inherited by James Lock, his former apprentice, and son-in-law.

The shop to this day is still owned and operated by James’s descendants. The shop may also be a historical landmark since it has been in its location since 1765.


8. Christy’s London

Christy's London Mens Panama Straw Fedora Low Profile Safari
Photo by official Christys London

One of the coolest hat brands you should not miss, Christy’s London lives and breathes for its finest quality. Since its establishment in 1773, Miller Christy strives for outstanding quality and skillful craftsmanship with generations of superior hat-making traditions. If you’re ever going for Christy’s, their red and gold insignia is a symbol of elegance you can’t ignore.

To this day, the company was and still is a brand of innovation while retaining its methods and heritage.


9.  Brixton

Brixton Men's Tiller Wide Brim Felt Fedora Hat in dark blue colour
Photo by Amazon

From flat brim hats to many more, this hat brand gets your style needs!

Brixton is a company that is a collaboration of three friends who decided to establish a business and share their lifestyle and eye for design through unique products.

The company keeps a collection of modern and classic design to set off a timeless feel. Each piece is well-crafted with quality that’ll live up to consumer’s expectations.


10. Borsalino

Borsalino Casual Crusher Hat in Taupe with brown lining
Photo by Amazon

A brand that’ll never disappoint is Borsalino — a renowned hat brand that creates high-quality name brand hats. The manufacturer established in the year 1857, where it is known to be the oldest Italian company specializing in luxury hats.

Based in Alessandria, Piedmont, the founder Giuseppe Borsalino is most notable for creating a felt hat that has come to be famously known as the “Borsalino.” Apart from its famous felt fedora, Borsalino offers a full range of hats including the Panama hats and flat caps.


11. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Wool Fedora in Black
Photo by official Ralph Lauren

Whatever the season is, Ralph Lauren has the best hats to fit your persona. As a global leader in innovation and design, this brand has a distinctive image in consistently developing and distributing products under five categories: apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality. So if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, then Ralph Lauren can be one of the reliable cap brands you can go to whenever a fashion emergency arises.


12. Fouquet

Nick Fouquet Reef Road Hat in Olive Green
Photo by official Nick Fouquet

A brand that is luxurious and edgy; Fouquet is your go-to hat brand that offers its products with unprocessed materials. This brand, which is established by Nick Fouquet, who creatively takes a unique approach in designing their hats. If you ever need a break from your typical fedoras, Fouquet is here to break the mold.


13. Akubra

Akubra cattleman with a pinch crown and broad dipping brim with eyelet vents
Photo by official Akubra

An Australian brand that designs authentic headwear. Famous for manufacturing wide-brimmed hats since 1976. Akubra features a wide selection of hats including country style, urban, straw to heritage made to order cut edge hats. If you favor customization, go for Akubra’s Burke and Wills. It comes with a braided horse hair tail band and satin lining.


14. Stetson

Steson Mens Santa Fe Crushable Wool Hat with chin strap
Photo by Stetson on Amazon

This Philadelphia hatmaker is a successful and respected brand in the old west. Aside from upholding its quality standard, this brand is a go-to by cowboys. From classic straw cowboy hat to your everyday classic outdoor hat, Stetson is surely something for everyone.


15. Kangol

Kangol black wool men's hat
Photo by Amazon

Kangol is an English brand that has a specific audience with an acquired taste. Though Kangol is a clothing brand, its accessories, especially their hats do stand out from the crowd. Featuring a vast array of patterns, styles, and colors, Kangol has all the types of headwear that suit your everyday needs.

This brand might not be for everyone, but Kangol has been the pioneer in the market since the 1930s, a brand worth considering.


How To Choose Amongst The Hat Brands? 

Colorful Fedora hats hanging on the hats rack
©Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash

Struggling to settle down for a perfect hat brand? Here are some tips to help you invest wisely and to choose a hat that is not only stylish but durable as well. Whether you’re the one who has already given up or those that just can’t seem to stay away from picking the wrong choice. Worry not, here are your solutions.


• Deciding on the types of hat

Before deciding on a hat from any hat brands, the first thing you should be considering is the types of hat. Instead of settling down for some standard hats, try exploring different shapes and styles. It can range from a full brim hat, cowboy, brimless hats and many more.


• Comfortability is the priority

Just like in designing a house, the purpose serves better priority than aesthetics. To be functional, of course, you need to be comfortable as possible to promote mobility and productivity. So, don’t just judge any hats by its brand. Instead, explore the variety of hat options and stick to the one that works best for you.


• Measure the product quality

Believe it or not, quality does not always mean expensive hats. And owning a stylish hat that is not durable is like getting a temporary tattoo that would only do you right for a while. Finding the perfect hat brand is like choosing a life partner — you should have a standard to uphold and follow, choose one that ticks all the boxes.


• Size does matter

Accurate measurement is advised to get a good hat for any activity. You can do this by just getting a tape measure or wrap a string over your head. However, most hat brands these days tend to craft and produce hats that are adjustable to fit everyone.



You can get away from a flaw with confidence. So, whether you are more into hipster hats or just someone who is experimenting with different styles, do not be shy about expressing yourself.

The world is your oyster. Always remember, getting great in dressing yourself takes time and practice. Don’t be discouraged nor be pressured. A person who comes in style usually a good amount of time in front of the mirror.

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