15 Short Haircuts For Men To Fit Any Face Shape

Determining what are the best short haircuts will depend not just on your own personal preferences, but on what might be the best match for your face shape as well. Some short haircuts for men might suit certain face shapes better than others, but don’t let that limit your choices. There are several men’s short haircuts to choose from, ranging from the old school pompadour to some intricate fade cuts.

Best Men’s Short Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. Undercut

The undercut is a fashionable choice that’s hip and stylish.
Photo by Caleb Lucas on Unsplash

A popular haircut for men, the undercut is a fashionable choice that’s hip and stylish. In general, an undercut involves shortly cropped — sometimes shaved — hair all around the back and sides with longer hair left on top. There are different variations to the undercut, which includes the disconnected undercut and the undercut fade. It’s no wonder the undercut is one of the best men’s short haircuts, considering it’s so versatile and can be incorporated into many other hairstyles.

Suitable face shapes: Good news, this haircut fits almost any face shape! It’s a very daring haircut though, as it takes off a lot of hair and it can look uneven as your hair grows out.

2. High and Tight

For a sleek look, why not try the high and tight haircut?
Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

For a sleek look, why not try the high and tight haircut? It’s a military-style haircut that’s suitable for many different hair textures, so it can work for pretty much anyone. The high and tight haircut typically involves high-faded or completely shaved sides, with very short hair on top. Because this haircut is so short, it can look especially great for guys who have curly or wavy hair as that can add some natural volume.

Suitable face shapes: The high and tight really emphasizes your hair as a focal point. As such, this hairstyle works well for guys with oval, square, or diamond face shapes.

3. Pompadour

The pompadour is ideal for guys with high cheekbones and wide jawlines
Photo by Jonathon Dorofy on Unsplash

A timeless classic, the pompadour is one of the more popular short hairstyles that many guys can rock. What makes the pompadour stand out is its sleekness and volume. Hair is styled up and away from the face, creating a sort of mound on top of your head. Made popular by the likes of Elvis Presley and James Dean back in the day, the pompadour works best for gents with straight hair.

Suitable face shapes: This is most ideal for guys with high cheekbones and wide jawlines, but making a few alterations to how it’s styled can make it wearable for anyone.

4. Fade

Fade haircuts are pretty popular when it comes to hairstyles for short hair.
Photo by Derick McKinney from Unsplash

Fade haircuts are pretty popular when it comes to short hairstyles. As a form of tapering your hair, fades can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d like them to be. There are different types of fades to choose from depending on how high on your head you start, ranging from a taper fade to a high fade. Fades are a great accent to other men’s short haircuts and can give your short hair a little more dimension.

Suitable face shapes: What makes fade haircuts so versatile is how you can alter them to suit your taste and, more importantly, your face shape. A high fade is great for round and square face shapes, while oblong face shapes can really benefit from a low fade.

5. Hard Part

Hard parts can give short hairstyles a much sleeker look.
Photo by Christopher Campbell from Unsplash

Hard parts can give short hairstyles a much sleeker look. They complement classic short haircuts for men nicely and can give your look an air of elegance to it. Pair a hard part with a comb-over and you’re sure to look extra dapper with your short ‘do.

Suitable face shapes: The hard part is a stylish accent to many short haircuts for men. It’s an ideal touch for men with square face shapes who want to go for more classic styles, like the side part or comb-over.

6. Crew Cut

The crew cut has long been a favorite haircut for men.
Photo by Aleksander Borzenets on Unsplash

The crew cut has long been a favorite short haircut for men. It’s a simple but versatile style that can be easily identified by its short sides and top. Many men favor the crew cut as a hairstyle in more professional settings, but it can be easily modified with a fade and some styling to give it more texture.

Suitable face shapes: Crew cuts are great for guys with a square face shape who want a little more softness to their sharp angles.

7. Quiff

The quiff is great for men who want something stylish without any hassle
Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

The quiff is similar to a pompadour in that it involves having your hair brushed up and away from your forehead. Both are top-heavy, but what differentiates a quiff from a pompadour is how it’s styled. Whereas the pompadour is noted for its volume and height, you can think of the quiff as a more relaxed and messy take on that. With a quiff, hair is brushed upwards but styled to take on a more wavy, undone look.

Suitable face shapes: Though it’s more low maintenance than a pompadour, the quiff is an excellent haircut for men with diamond face shapes — or just men who want something stylish without any hassle.

8. Fringe Cut

Bangs can elevate your short hair into something stylish and can really change up your look.
Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash

Adding bangs to your look isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying how cool and fashionable the fringe cut is. Bangs can elevate your short hair into something stylish and can really change up your look. There are different types of fringes to try out, ranging from bangs that are long, short, or angular. You can even go for a curly fringe if you’ve got the waves to go with it.

Suitable face shapes: Many face shapes can rock the fringe cut, but it’s especially beneficial for guys with long face shapes. Taking advantage of that bit of hair covering your forehead can really help shorten and balance out your face length.

9. Faux Hawk

The faux hawk mimics the mohawk with a more subdued approach to the look.
Photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash

A less dramatic approach to the mohawk, the faux hawk is an eye-catching hairstyle that shows off your personality without being over the top. A faux hawk involves clipped sides with a strip of longer hair on the top. It essentially mimics the mohawk with a more subdued — but still trendy — approach to the look.

Suitable face shapes: Sporting a faux hawk is especially great for diamond and round face shapes thanks to its textured top.

10. Mohawk

For a punk rock look, go for the mohawk.
Photo by Pagie Page on Unsplash

Want something really intense and punk rock? The mohawk is a no-brainer for that. While the faux hawk is a more low-key take on this type of hairstyle, you can really go all out with the mohawk with its showy look. With a mohawk, all your hair is shaved, only leaving a strip of hair running down the center that is drastically styled upwards to create bold spikes. Even if you choose to keep your mohawk short and more subdued, it will still make you stand out from the crowd, thanks to how prominent the haircut is in general.

Suitable face shapes: Many face shapes can pull off the mohawk well. These include diamond, oblong, round, and square face shapes. However, since the mohawk calls for a lot of attitude, the only real “requirement” for this hairstyle is the confidence and personality to match this wild and daring hairstyle.

11. Buzz Cut

The buzz cut has been known to be a popular haircut for men in the military.
Photo by Olena Sergienko

The buzz cut, like the crew cut, has been known to be a popular haircut for men in the military. It should be said that although the buzz cut might look like your regular haircut, it can be just as dashing as other short haircuts for men. Furthermore, it’s a very low maintenance cut that can be ideal for men suffering from hair loss. Your features really stand out and take center stage with a buzz cut, so it’s one of the best short haircuts for guys who want something simple but striking.

Suitable face shapes: Square face shapes can really benefit from a buzz cut, but it’s also a great match for guys with oblong or diamond face shapes as well.

12. Caesar Crop

The caesar crop is a versatile haircut that men of any age can work.
Photo by Tania Mousinho

Named after Roman dictator Julias Caesar, the Caesar crop is a versatile haircut that men of any age can work. With a Caesar cut, you get short, horizontal bangs; the hair length for this haircut is kept short and uniform all around. The Caesar crop, although one of the more traditional men’s short haircuts, is not lacking in class. It can give your hair more texture and is an effortless way of garnering a smart hairstyle without much fuss.

Suitable face shapes: Guys with square, oval, or diamond faces can totally rock this hairstyle, as the Caesar crop’s bangs can really help bring out these face shapes’ stronger features.

13. Pushed Back

The slicked back hair helps achieve a clean and sleek look
Photo by Nathan Fertig from Unsplash

Keeping your hair pushed back is a great hairstyle for when you’re trying to grow your hair out. By slicking your hair back, you can achieve a clean and sleek look with your hair. It’s one of the simplest short haircuts for men that is very no-fuss and effortlessly classy.

Suitable face shapes: It can work for a variety of hair lengths and is especially ideal for men with diamond or oval face shapes.

14. Geometric

Geometric haircuts can really make a statement.
Photo by Megan Bagshaw on Unsplash

Try something a little more contemporary and out of your comfort zone with a haircut that plays with shapes and lines. You can easily achieve this by asking your barber to experiment with your fade. However, more daring, fashion-forward men might opt for something a little more distinct and flamboyant. No matter how you go about it, geometric short haircuts for men can really make a statement and leave quite the impression on anyone you come across.

Suitable face shapes: The hard lines and angles of more geometric haircuts can be too harsh for diamond face shapes and their distinguished features. In contrast, the shapes and lines of a geometric cut can really lend themselves well to round face shapes for visual interest and contrast.

15. Middle Part

Middle part hairstyles reached prominence back in the 90s but have seen some resurgence as of late.
Photo by Ike Louie Natividad on Pexels

Sometimes known as the curtain hairstyle, middle part hairstyles reached prominence back in the 90s but have seen some resurgence as of late. By growing out your fringe and splitting your hair down the middle, you get the floppy curtain hairstyle. You can take on a more updated approach to the middle part by adding texture to your hair for a more lived-in look. Getting the middle part hairstyle to look just right can make it a little high maintenance for some, though.

Suitable face shapes: This is a good option for guys with oblong face shapes, as the middle part gives the illusion of roundness to your face.

Recommended Products

You can benefit from the help of some hair products here and there when styling your short haircut. Some products can be more effective on certain hairstyles than others. Regardless, making use of some of these products can really elevate short haircuts for men no matter which style you go for.


Pomade is a staple in any man's grooming kit.
Photo from Amazon

A staple in any man’s grooming kit, pomade is an all-around product that comes in different levels of hold. For something that has a good amount of grip, we recommend the water-based Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men. If oil-based pomades are more your thing, then try out Mystic Man’s Styling Pomade, which also doubles up as a beard oil.

Hair Wax

Hair wax can help define your hairstyle.
Photo from Amazon

Define your hairstyle while keeping it neat and sleek with some hair wax. This product can have a bit of shine to it, so it’s great for nights out. The Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax holds your hair quite well and is especially ideal when it comes to styling short haircuts for men. If you fancy a matte finish for a more natural look, then you can opt for the TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Wax instead.

Hair Clay

Hair clay gives your hair a more natural finish.
Photo from Amazon

Hair clay can help add body and texture to short haircuts for men. This works great for defining thick hair and for boosting limp hair as well. Hair clay works a little similar to hair wax but it produces a more natural look, almost as if you’re not even using any product at all. A popular hair clay choice among many that you should check out is the Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay.

Hair Gel

For extra hold, reach for some hair gel.
Photo from Amazon

Need some extra hold for your mohawk, or just need something to slick your hair back with? Style your hair however you like with a good hair gel that holds well. We recommend the Johnny B Super Hold Gel, as it’s hydrating on top of being long-lasting.


Use hair spray to keep your hair in place.
Photo from Amazon

After spending that extra time in the mornings styling your hair, you wouldn’t want your hair messed up halfway during the day and cause all your efforts to go to waste. The John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray is a great pick, especially since it works well with fine hair and locks in volume all day long.

Hair Comb

Use a comb for comb-overs or slicked back hair.
Photo from Amazon

A good comb-over is nothing without a good hair comb. A good starter would be the Percy Nobleman Acetate Hair Comb, as it remains sturdy despite being lightweight. On the other hand, the Olina Natural Wood Comb is an ideal comb for thick and curly hair. The Olina comb contains natural protein, so it can help curb headaches and hair loss.


Hair clippers are a must if you trim your hair yourself.
Photo from Amazon

For guys who like to try short-shaven haircuts like the buzz cut, fades or undercut, owning some good clippers will be a must. The Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer is an excellent choice, as it’s a great all-around trimmer. With its carbon steel blades, it allows you to trim a variety of hair types, so it’s great for trimming your beard as well.


Trim your own hair with a good pair of shears.
Photo from Amazon

If you’re the type to really go the DIY route with your hair trimming, whether it be for your fringe or overall hair length, then it’s best to have a solid pair of shears on hand. The Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series is one worth giving a shot, as it’s versatile, ergonomic, and perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Even with short hair, the possibilities of how you can style your hair are truly endless. It’s clear that no matter your face shape, there will always be that one haircut that will really suit you and your taste. The best part of getting a haircut is that there’s nothing permanent about it. You’re free to experiment to your heart’s content in the world of short haircuts for men so go crazy and have fun!


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