20 Best Backpacks For Your Everyday Needs

From the time we were kids, many of us would have used backpacks as our go-to bag for school and all our activities. They’re convenient, stylish and easily hold all of our daily essentials.

However, as adults, while we may need to switch to formal briefcases or satchels for office needs, we should never forget the convenience that a good backpack offers us. With advancements in design and the new kinds of materials available, there exists a multitude of backpacks out there that can suit every purpose and serve every need.

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices? Fret not! Here at MaximOnline, we’ve listed down the best backpacks just for you. These have been proven and tested to suit your every need while keeping you stylish at the same time.

The history of backpacks

In the past, adults and children alike had a limited number of choices when it came to bags. Adults going to their office or factory would often carry briefcases. Schoolgoing children, on the other hand, would use a belt or book-strap to carry their books, often uncomfortably. The lack of support and heavy loads would often lead to back and spine problems later in life.

To solve this issue, various inventors and entrepreneurs worked to come up with a solution. They took inspiration from the carrying methods of native Americans and Inuit tribes and implemented a rigid frame to which a sack made of leather or hemp was strapped. This later evolved into harder pieces of leather being used as the frame, with softer pieces being used as the body. 

With the invention and discovery of nylon, manufacturers were able to create a lightweight and sturdy bag to be carried on the back. And thus, the modern backpack was born.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best backpacks out there for your every need!

1. Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men, Anti-Theft Bag
Photo from Amazon

The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is really cool. As the name implies, it’s anti-theft and made from cut-resistant material. So, you don’t have to worry about sneaky thieves with penknives anymore. The zippers are also hidden under a flap. This means that pickpockets will not be able to easily unzip your bag and access your belongings. That is exactly what makes this bag perfect for travelers, or commuters in busy cities. By opting for this bag, you’ll have peace of mind and style all in one. It also comes with a handy laptop compartment that allows you to store your laptop securely.

Get the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack from Amazon.

2. Anello

Anello Bag, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Regarded as one of the most popular backpacks in Japan right now, Anello bags are an instant classic. Not only are they super versatile and sturdy, but they also come in a variety of attractive colors. Additionally, the materials Anello bags are made of are very tough, so you can be sure that they’ll last you for a long time.

Interestingly, recent trends have shown that men prefer to use Anello bags as baby care bags. Diapers, milk bottles, wet wipes and more are stored in the bag both conveniently and fashionably. We must say the Anello is a perfect fit for the young dad on the go.

Get your Anello bag from Amazon.

3. Code 10

Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men, Code 10
Photo from Amazon

The Code 10 backpack is perfect for the urban adventurer. It is completely waterproof – even if this bag were accidentally dropped into a pool or a river, your belongings will remain safe and dry.

The bag uses a waxed material that makes it waterproof; for extra security, it also utilizes special waterproof zippers. The bag has a laptop sleeve and organizer for you to keep your belongings organized. Best of all, the main compartment is expandable – you can carry more than 20L worth of items on the go.

Get your Code10 Bag from Amazon.

4. Lifepack

Lifepack, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

This bag has it all. For starters, it’s cut-resistant – the outer fabric has a tougher inner layer to prevent anyone from cutting into your bag. The zippers come with a big loop for you to thread a lock securely through, so you won’t have to worry about people sneaking your belongings out. It also comes with a 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker and power bank: this means you can play your tunes on the go while keeping your mobile device fully charged.

To top it all off, the speaker/power bank can be charged via solar energy. You can take this bag on a hiking trip, and never have to worry about your devices running out of juice.

Get your Lifepack Bag from Amazon.

5. Nomatic

Nomatic, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Some of us prefer form over function, others the opposite. But what if you can’t pick between the two? Worry not: the Nomatic bag is the answer for you.

Nomatic uses top of the line materials to create a truly premium backpack. The bag is slim but can expand if you need more space. It has RFID safe compartments to protect your belongings and comes with tech orientated inner compartments with dedicated slots for your laptop, tablet and even sunglasses. Truly the epitome of great design.

Get your Nomatic Bag from Amazon.

6. Peak design

Peak Design, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Amateur photographers everywhere are tired of only having two options to carry their gear: either unflattering and bulky suitcase-like bags, or soft cloth bags that offer minimal protection.

Well, we’re glad to say that the struggle is over with this backpack from Peak Design. Designed specifically to be a camera bag, it has padded compartments for your camera body and lenses, as well as an accessory area for your flash add-ons. It even has a quick-release strap… so you can capture that perfect shot, at just the right moment.

Get your Peak Design Bag from Amazon.

7. Timbuk2

Tumbuk2, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Timbuk2 bags are the best solution for the modern office worker. This particular bag features pockets of various sizes for your items, along with padded and super comfortable straps. The back panel has an air mesh to keep your back ventilated and sweat-free. It’s big enough to fit a laptop comfortably, but also slim enough to rest neatly on your bag when you cycle.

Get your Timbuk2 Bag from Amazon.

9. Rush24

Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men, Rush24, Military Backpack
Photo from Amazon

This is for the survivalist or army aficionados amongst us. The Rush24 is, essentially, a standard-issue military backpack.

It comes with a 60 oz hydration pocket, has a total of 37 liters of capacity, adjustable straps and more. It’s perfect for a tactical camping trip with your mates or even as a solution for weekend trips.

Get your RUSH24 Bag from Amazon.

9. Topo

Topo, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Topo bags are known for their almost-rectangular designs. Despite this, they are able to contain a surprisingly large amount of things.

It comes with a foam structure with padded ballistic nylon back panel, heavy-duty YKK zippers with security loop on the main compartment and internal mesh organization pockets and large zippered security pockets.

What’s more, the Topo bag meets the carry-on requirements of most airlines. Another perfect solution for weekend trips.

Get your Topo Bag from Amazon.

10. Bellroy

Bellroy, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Bellroy bags use leather that is made from premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocol and then dyed through so they age gracefully. This means that the bags will look nicer and more unique as they age.

The bag also has water-resistant properties. The fabric it uses is made from recycled plastic bottles. Meaning you can be stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time! Clearly one of the best backpacks out there.

Get your Bellroy Bag from Amazon.

11. Osprey

Osprey, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Osprey bags are one of the leaders in bags for outdoor activities. Their bags are almost exactly what you picture when you think of The Amazing Race or embarking on a jungle trek.

The bags have a great weight distribution design. That means that even if packed to the brim, you won’t face too much strain on your back. This is great if you plan to go on long hikes where stamina is key. The bags are also water-resistant and shaped in such a way as to keep you ventilated. An amazing companion for your hikes.

Get your Osprey Bag from Amazon.

12. Patagonia

Patagonia, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Patagonia recently has become a popular streetwear brand. Hypebeast kids often sport sweatshirts or beanies emblazoned with the iconic Patagonia logo. We mustn’t let such atrocities detract from the quality of craftsmanship that Patagonia puts out.

Their bags are made with 100% recycled polyester fabric, 100% recycled polyester lining and 100% recycled nylon webbing. Honestly, being environmentally friendly is neat. The bags are also weather-resistant. If you’re into skiing or other snow activities, Patagonia is the bag for you.

Get your Patagonia Bag from Amazon.

13. JanSport

JanSport, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

A pioneer of the backpack industry, JanSport will always be a staple. JanSport is one of the first companies to experiment with using nylon in backpacks. Since then, their offerings have consistently been of excellent quality.

From their conception, JanSport has appealed to college students and that’s still a big part of their market. Their variety of colors, uncomplicated design and tough material will guarantee their spot as one of the favorites. But don’t think that just because you aren’t a college student you can’t use this. It’s still super reliable and trendy for men of all ages.

Get your JanSport Bag from Amazon.

14. Fjällräven Kånken

FjallRaven, Kanken, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

The Kånken is an immensely popular Swedish backpack. It is made out of Vinylon, a tough and sturdy fabric. The Kånken was designed specifically to prevent curved spines. That’s why the bag has a rectangular profile. The company prides itself on having its millions of backpacks distributed across the globe. One of the best backpacks for those carrying heavy loads.

Get your Fjällräven Kånken Bag from Amazon.

15. Outdoor Products

Outdoor, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Another company that is known for its outdoor (no pun intended) products, Outdoor makes some amazing backpacks. Their bags are perfectly designed for hobbyists who love the outdoors.

They’re often roomy with separate hydration and shoe compartments. The bags look very sleek and well-designed as well. The best backpack if you’re going on a hike and looking to make an impression.

Get your Outdoor Bag from Amazon.

16. Hershel

Hershel, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Based in Canada, Hershel bags are designed to be simple and timeless. The interior lining is bright, making it easier for you to find whatever you’re looking for. Additionally, their bags look really classy as well. If you’re heading for work or on holiday, you can’t go wrong with a Hershel backpack.

Get your Hershel Bag from Amazon.

17. Eastpak

Eastpak, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Another iconic best backpack, Eastpak bags are a cultural symbol of modern youth: they often represent counter culture and rebellion. The bags are comfortable and high capacity as well. Get yourself an Eastpak and reconnect with your youth.

Get your Eastpak Bag from Amazon.

18. Tumi

Tumi, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Tumi bags are one of the best backpacks for urban adventurers. Their bags use recycled materials as well as ballistic nylon. It also comes embedded with a GPS tracker so you can be sure you’ll never lose it. It’s water-resistant and facilitates the ventilation of air. Give Tumi a try and see what you’re missing.

Get your Tumi Bag from Amazon.

19. North Face

North Face, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Amazon

Another established brand, North Face has recently become synonymous with streetwear. However, one cannot deny that their products are of great quality. Able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, North Face bags are perfect for travelers and extreme sports enthusiasts alike.

Get your North Face Bag from Amazon.

20. Freitag (MaximOnline pick)

Freitag, Best Backpacks For Men, Men's Backpacks, Backpacks For Men
Photo from Freitag

Freitag bags are extremely cool. If you haven’t noticed, here at MaximOnline we’re big on being environmentally conscious. Nothing can be more environmentally conscious than Freitag.

The company takes the tarp from trucks and upcycles it into trendy bags. Firstly, you get a bag made out of tough water-resistant tarp. Secondly, they’re environmentally friendly. And lastly, due to the different designs found on the tarp Freitag uses, no two bags are the same.

That’s right, your bag will be entirely unique to you. It’s truly an amazing company and an amazing bag. Check it out!

Get your Freitag Bag from Amazon.

It doesn’t hurt to own more than one of the best backpacks on this list. We’ve carefully considered every possible need when putting this together. If you’ve found an amazing backpack that you think belongs on this list, let us know!

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