An Expert Guide to Grooming Men’s Eyebrows

A man with clean-shaped brows is considered to be attractive and easy on the eyes. Typically, they understand the importance of grooming men’s eyebrows because having bushy and bulky eyebrows will make you self-conscious of how you look.

We know it’ll be a hustle to tame those manly brows so we’ve summed up a guide with the essential eyebrow shaping tools to help you out in properly manscaping your eyebrows for that extra confidence boost. 

A man using a tweezer to pluck his eyebrows.
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Why is it important for men to groom eyebrows?

You take the time to trim your facial hair at least once a week and you make sure to get a haircut at least once a month. Truth is your eyebrows grow and it deserves a bit of maintenance too.

Men’s eyebrows are an important facial feature that requires grooming every once in a while. Although they are not symmetrical to one another, think of your eyebrows as brothers that need undivided treatment and attention. Keeping your eyebrows in shape will not only make you look clean and neat but it opens more around the eye area for a youthful semblance. 


Will my eyebrows grow back after grooming?

Of course, they will! You’ll not be removing the hairs for good. You’re just trimming the excessive hair to keep your eyebrows on fleek. Although there are various ways to groom men’s eyebrows, not everything works for everyone. There are eyebrows that need aftercare products and even those that require professional treatments to tame those irritated skin. 


Are there shops where men’s eyebrows are groomed?

Yes, there are. Whether if you’re a beginner who doesn’t dare to groom your eyebrows or those who prefers to seek professional help, there are plenty of grooming salon that caters to your grooming needs. Those shops can range from a barbershop to a waxing salon.


An illustration of different types of Men's Eyebrows.
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Types of Men’s eyebrows

Not all men’s eyebrows look the same even when you think they look alike. As we said, they’re brothers, not twins. Aside from that, there are different types of eyebrows, and this depends if your eyebrows are bushy, scraggly or is in the form of a unibrow. Below are the different types of men’s eyebrows to help you determine. 


1. Thick/Bushy brows

You would know if you have bushy brows if you notice that your eyebrows have a dense amount of hair. You can see that hairs are thick, long and slightly fuzzy. Men with eyebrows like this require a bit of maintenance to keep the desired shape and arc. 


2. Short eyebrows

Having short eyebrows means that the length of your eyebrow hair extends right above the outer corner of your eye and ends somewhere in the inner corner. 


3. Long eyebrows

For men with long eyebrows, it would look thin with very fine hairs. The length of your eyebrows would extend from above the inner corner of your eye and would extend beyond the outer corner of your eye. 


4. Straight eyebrows

As simple as it is. If the shape of your eyebrows forms in a straight line with no arches or curves then it is considered as a straight eyebrow. This is most common among Asian men who find to prefer having straight eyebrows. 


5. Feminine/Arched Eyebrows

This type of eyebrows has an arch shape just above the outer corner of the eye. The eyebrow’s tail then extends close to the corner. 


What Eyebrow Grooming Tools Do I Need?

Grooming men’s eyebrows require certain tools to help both brows look their best. Whether you’ll be trimming or shaping them, you need to familiarize yourself with the following tools before you start manscaping. 


Eyebrow Scissors

KOZEAR Cuticle Scissor Multi-function Stainless Steel
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Before you decided to start grooming your eyebrows. Make sure you find the right tool that’s suitable for your brows. A good tool to begin grooming your eyebrow with is a pair of eyebrows scissors. Unlike your typical scissor, this kind of eyebrow scissors usually comes with a sharper tip and a curvy shape. It is specially designed for the eyebrow area for a more definite trim. 

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Eyebrow Tweezers

Terresa 4 Eyebrow Tweezer set
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Apart from scissors, we recommend using a good pair of tweezer. It gives you more control over how you will shape your brows and help you to reach the edges more precisely. Typically, this tool is used if you have any stray hairs that pop-up but avoid over-plucking in the process.


Eyebrow Pencil

Gentlehomme Mens Eyebrow Pencil Black
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Say bye to those sparse eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is all your need to create an illusion of fuller brows effortlessly. Without overspending for a professional microblading eyebrow treatment, an eyebrow pencil is all you need to get the job done. Plus, it’s super affordable too. Besides, it’s especially great for men with thin and uneven eyebrows. 

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Eyebrow Razor

Wahl Lithium Pen Detail Trimmer With Interchangeable Heads
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In order to take things up a notch, an eyebrow razor is all you need to achieve those sleek eyebrows look in seconds. However, a person should have at least some experience with eyebrows shaping to handle this tool. Unlike your normal razor, it requires gentle hands to shape your brows. Though using an eyebrow razor is quicker in shaping, opt for one that has precision for more definition. 

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Black and white thread for eyebrow threading
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Thread is not a common tool for men’s eyebrows grooming. In fact, eyebrow threading is normally done by professionals who have trained to develop a certain level of skills and experience. Generally, you’ll only be needing this tool if you’re planning to thread those bushy brows. A worthy note is to make sure you use high-cotton threads so that they don’t break off easily. 



Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush,Professional Angled Eye Brow Brush and Spoolie Brush
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A tool to keep your unruly brows neat and tidy. This is used daily to help maintain the hairs of your eyebrows since it’s spiral shape holds on to hair better than the usual hair comb. 

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How to shape your eyebrows

There are various ways with how you can shape your brows. You need to choose the best grooming process that suits your desired eyebrow shape and personal preference. 

Scissors cutting eyebrow of man. Brow grooming close up.
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Consider yourself blessed if you’re born with eyebrows that require low maintenance because it’s easy to learn how to trim your brows. Trimming does the quick job of shaping your boys in a few minutes and it doesn’t need to be done on a daily or weekly basis since eyebrow hairs grow at an average of one millimeter every six days. 

Step 1: Get a spoolie and brush your eyebrows upward. You’ll then notice certain hairs that stray from your desired shape.

Step 2: Hold the hairs in place with your spoolie. Get your eyebrow scissors and start trimming along the edges and sides until you get your desired eyebrow shape. It also avoids any hairs that might get trimmed too short. Do this again by brushing your eyebrows downwards and trim off any excess hair. 

Step 3: Now brush your brows in a 45-degree angle and trim off the excess hairs that pop up at the top. Using your spoolie, brush off excess hairs after you trim. 


A man plucking his eyebrows with a tweezer.
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This method of grooming is for the do-it-yourself type of guy. You have full control of how you will tweeze your eyebrows and this will require that you pay attention to the details of your hairs. You would want to avoid over-plucking since not all hairs tend to grow back.

Step 1: Take a nice hot shower or put a hot damp towel over your eyebrows. This allows your hair follicles to open up so that it’s easier to pluck making it less painful.

Step 2: See if there are any stray hairs below your arches and above your nose bridge. Using your handy tweezers, pluck these out in one quick motion following the direction of hair growth. If not, this will result in ingrown hairs on your brows. 

Step 3: Best to step-out the mirror every now and then to check the overall appearance. This ensures that you avoid over-plucking on certain hairs that help shape your brows. Then take your spoolie and brush the hairs of your brows. 


Closeup of process of threading procedure in barber shop. Professional barber correcting shape of brows with threads to smiling young man sitting in chair. Concept of eyebrows care.
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This grooming procedure is considered the safest way to remove eyebrow hair since no artificial products are used in the process. If you’re not confident about this method, you can always look up a shop for threading mens eyebrows near you. 

Step 1: Get hold a high-cotton thread measuring around 14 inches long. Face a regular mirror with proper lighting so that you can see the process of how you’re going to thread your eyebrows.

Step 2: Tie the thread into a loop by holding it against your forearm and tying the two ends together. Secure the know of your loop so that it doesn’t break.

Step 3: While your thumb holds one end of the loop, have your forefinger hold the other end then twist the loop four to five times until a twisted section in a form of a bow tie is shaped in the middle.

Step 4: Using your thumb and forefinger, position them both in the loop and open your hand while the other hand closes. The center of the look should move in a back and forth motion in a twisting motion. This helps in removing the hairs from your brows. Once you get the hang of it, you can now start threading.

Step 5: Place the twisted center of the thread with your fingers positioned in the loop directly above the hairs that you want to remove. As you open and close your hands, the thread will then glide across your skin to remove the hairs. Make sure to thread in the opposite direction of the hair growth so that the hair comes out easily. Do this stroke by stroke until all the unnecessary hairs are removed. 

Step 6: When you’re done threading your eyebrows, you’ll notice some redness on your skin. This is perfectly normal. All you need to do is apply some aloe vera gel or a nice cold ice pack wrapped in a towel to tone down redness and irritation. 


A man waxing his eyebrows in a salon.
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If you have thick eyebrows that tend to grow back quickly after grooming or if you happen to have a unibrow waxing helps by creating that space between eyebrows. With waxing, there’s a longer period in between regrowth, plus the hairs become thinner and softer upon regrowth. 

Step 1: Check to see if your eyebrow hairs are at least a quarter-inch long so that the wax can pull out the hairs. Get an eyebrow pencil preferable that has a different shade from your brows. Draw your desired eyebrow shape using the pencil so that you have a guide when waxing off the hairs. 

Step 2: Get your spoolie and brush up your eyebrows. Trim down some hairs that will likely get in the way. 

Step 3: Prepare the wax by warming it to the right temperature as indicated on the product. Don’t warm it until it’s hot, this will affect the skin on your eyebrows. Using the wooden stick that comes with the wax, apply it evenly on the areas outside the guide. Make sure to apply it according to the direction of the hair growth and firmly press on the wax so that the hairs cling on.

Step 4: Let the wax cool down and once it does, pull it out in the opposite direction of hair growth. Gently pull it sidewards and not upwards. If there is little wax left on your eyebrow, press back the wax and pull it out again. Always double check your eyebrows so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Step 5: Once you’re done waxing off the hairs, soothe it down with aloe vera gel or after-wax cream.


Microblading eyebrows, getting facial care and tattoo at beauty salon
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This process is ideal for men who want to have fuller looking brows by tattooing hairlike strokes on the brow areas for more shape and volume. You would need to attend a few appointments for this method though we can’t guarantee that the procedure is pain-free but it’s a long-term investment for your brows. 


Must-try Men’s Eyebrow Styles

Eyebrow cuts

Also known as eyebrow slits, these trendy eyebrow style is achievable with the use of a razor and some tape. You can style how you would want the cuts to look whether it’s just a stripe or two for that edgy personality. 


Braided eyebrows

The sky’s the limit when you’re styling brows, especially if you have them looking like these. You don’t need to grow out your eyebrow hairs but rather, with the help of your eyebrow pencil and some artistic hands, you’ll have people turning their heads, and brows for this unique look. 


Shaved eyebrows

If you’d rather go over the top, then shaving them won’t be a problem. Actually, this gives you even more freedom to style your brows that would suit your face shape. 


Caterpillar eyebrows

There’s always something new to try especially with caterpillar eyebrows. Make a fashion statement by parting your eyebrows at the center using your handy spoolie to achieve this quirky style.


Worthy Note You Need Before Eyebrows Grooming

Remember, it’s important to check-on your brows from time to time because you wouldn’t want bad eyebrows getting in the way.

Whether you’re simply cleaning out stray hairs or shaping your eyebrows to be good as new aftercare is also essential in the grooming process. You’ll be able to avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritations with proper eyebrow aftercare products. If you’re not feeling confident to shape your eyebrows on your own, you can always ask your barber or simply go to the nearest eyebrow shop near you. 

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