Movember Rules, Tips and Facts: All You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again: mustache season is upon us. Regardless of whether you’re joining the movement this year or not, here is our ultimate guide to all things Movember (Movember rules and all).

Did You Know…?

Here are some interesting facts about Movember that can help you understand a bit more about this movement.

What’s the difference?
Movember and No-Shave November are commonly used interchangeably but in fact, both are very different movements.

Movember promotes growing out a mustache to support men’s health (prostate and testicular cancer, mental health, suicide prevention).

On the other hand, No-Shave November encourages you to stop shaving completely and donate the money otherwise spent on grooming products to fund cancer research and education.

No beards allowed
Movember specifically means growing out a mustache only, so that means no beards, goatees or any form of chin facial hair!

If you’re looking to grow out a beard, you just need to wait one more month for Decembeard, which raises awareness for bowel cancer.

If you’re looking for beard styles that best fit your face shape, check out our article on our 10 best beard ideas.

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Join the family
Men who take part in Movember are called Mo Bros, and women are called Mo Sisters (or Mo Sistas in some countries).

And yes, women are allowed to take part in Movember too! The role of Mo Sisters is to rally support for their male counterparts and facilitate the conversation around men’s health.

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Humble beginnings
Movember started in an Australian bar in 2003. Two mates were joking about how the mustache trend should be brought back and decided to create a campaign around it for men’s health. That explains where the “mo” in Movember comes from: the Australian spelling of “moustache”.

The pioneer batch of Mo Bros had 30 guys and today, it’s an international movement with over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sisters in 20 countries.

Mustache facts

If growing out a mustache isn’t really your thing, these facts might just make you want to consider having one.

  • According to a study done by the University of Lübeck in Germany, caffeine can aid in hair growth. No need to stinge on your daily cuppa(s) joe if you’re trying to grow out your mustache!
  • Research from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia revealed that facial hair reduced the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays. This can help slow down the aging process and minimize the risk of skin cancer.
  • Mustaches can hold 20% of its weight in liquid, which can potentially protect you from spillage. Make sure you clean up that ‘stache well afterward though!

How to do Movember the Right Way (AKA Movember Rules)

Movember rules are fairly straightforward: Start off beside a fully clean-shaven face on 1 November and grow out only your mustache for the whole month. Get creative with how you want to style and groom it. You’re going to have this look for the entire month so switch it up and rock it your own way!

Man with a mustache smiling. One of the Movember rules: grow out your beard.
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If you want to show your full support, you can register on their site as a Mo Bro and pledge to raise funds for the cause by getting your friends, family and community involved. You can also get involved in the movement by running/walking 60 miles or hosting a Mo-ment to raise funds. Businesses and industries are welcome to get in on the action too.

This is where the women in your life can get in on the fun as well! The great thing about Movember is that there are other ways to show support for the cause and raise funds other than growing out a mustache.

The Mo Sister Movement

Although women might not be able to grow full ‘staches for Movember, some women have found a way to work around that. They refrain from removing or bleaching their peach fuzz above their upper lip so that they can have their own “mustache”.

In fact, female razor brand Billie encouraged women to grow out their facial hair this year in support of Movember. The company also pledged to match the donations made for the cause.

Mustache Tips

Growing a mustache can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time growing out your facial hair. We’ve got some useful tips that will help you get that perfect ‘stache.

Basic tools

  • Mustache comb: To groom and brush the hairs into shape regularly
  • Razor of your choice (ie: electric, straight, safety/cartridge etc): Choose the one that is most comfortable for you. For trimming your mustache into shape
  • Trimming scissors: For neatening the length of the hairs


  • Wax or pomade: For styling and keeping stray hairs neat and tidy
  • Beard oil: For styling and moisturizing the hairs and skin, especially before shaving
  • Aftershave: To soothe the skin after shaving

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Other Tips

  • Trim your mustache diagonally to follow the line of your mouth for a more natural look.

graphic on how to trim your mustache properly
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  • It’s okay if your mustache covers your upper lip, just keep it uniform and out of your mouth so you can eat and drink properly.
  • Avoid using acidic facial cleaning products (ie: acne facial wash) as they might bleach the hairs and make them harder to style.
  • If you choose to keep a longer mustache, invest in a good beard shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean.

Grow a Mo, Save a Bro

Movember is more than just a month of men growing mustaches. When you look deeper into it, there’s actually a very meaningful cause behind it. Men’s health is often overlooked or ignored so it’s heartening to see the Movember organization shedding light on this sensitive yet important topic.

There are a lot of preventive measures that can be taken to identify these health issues before they get serious. One of these measures is to get people talking about it; a lot of times, men are afraid to talk about their issues for fear of seeming vulnerable.

It might be a little late to join Movember now but it’s never too late to start raising awareness and having conversations over the topic of men’s health. It’s a very real issue that could affect any of us at any point in time; just by educating yourself on the topic, you could be saving a loved one…or maybe even yourself.

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