We Reveal The 15 Best Cologne For Men In 2019

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell.” This quote by Diane Ackman is so true, isn’t it? Whether it’s the scent of rain, freshly-done laundry or coffee — different scents evoke memories and nostalgia in us. It’s the same with the scent we choose as well, which is why it’s so important to find the best cologne for men available on the market.

The cologne a man chooses to wear reflects his personality, preferences, and can create a powerful first impression on someone.

If you’ve been looking to explore which cologne works for you, look no further! We have rounded up the best 15 best cologne for men in 2019. From woody and spicy to aqua, each cologne on the list has a truly unique scent. So go ahead and find the cologne that is perfect for you — you’re welcome!

1. For Him by RawChemistry

For Him by RawChemistry
Photo from Amazon

This cologne by RawChemistry has been formulated with the modern, contemporary man in mind. It has a woody scent and an alcohol-free, moisturizing formula. The scent is refreshing and lingers for a long time after spraying.

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2. Blue Jeans by Gianni Versace for Men

Blue Jeans by Gianni Versace for Men
Photo from Amazon

Just like the timeless appeal of blue jeans, this scent from Versace is a classic! One of the best colognes for men, it has a beautiful masculine fragrance that’s both refreshingly citrusy and woody. It has aromatic, fresh and spicy top notes with middle and base notes of musk, vanilla and patchouli. Go for this one if you want that classic appeal!

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3. Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne (The Musician)

Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne (The Musician)
Photo from Amazon

This solid men’s cologne from Walton Wood Farm has a lovely vanilla and musk scent that we can’t get enough of. It also has a blend of essential oils such as grape seed, avocado and more to keep your skin moisturized. It’s paraben and cruelty-free as well — sounds like a good idea to us!

Get Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne (The Musician) at Amazon.

4. Versace Pour Homme

Versace Pour Homme
Photo from Amazon

If you’re looking for a refreshing masculine scent that transports you to the Mediterranean, then Versace Pour Homme is the scent for you.

Perfect for daytime wear, it has top notes of fresh oranges and neroli when you first spray it. Once it settles on your skin, it leaves a long-lasting sage and musk scent.

Versace is known for crafting some of the best colognes for men, so having this one on our list is not surprising!

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5. Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men

Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men
Photo from Amazon

For those who want to wear the scent of tradition, go for Polo by Ralph Lauren. This men’s cologne has a rich woody scent with aromatic notes of cloves and cumin.

Grassy and green at first, you can slowly smell oak, pinewood, grass, and patchouli coming through. A must-have for those who prefer intense colognes!

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6. Nautica Blue for Men

Nautica Blue for Men
Photo from Amazon

Nautica Blue takes you on an aquatic journey to the seaside with its fruity and woody fragrance. Another brand known for creating some of the best cologne for men, this one is a timeless classic that is definitely a familiar scent! With notes of pineapple, jasmine and musk, this cologne will remind you of the lush blue sea with every sniff.

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7. Lumber Prince Men’s Cologne Balm

Lumber Prince Men’s Cologne Balm
Photo from Amazon

This solid men’s cologne from Lumber Prince is a fresh, natural scent that’s subtle and not overwhelmingly sweet with notes of leather, pine, vanilla and musk.

Its travel-friendly packaging is a plus, so you can easily carry it on flights without a worry. Just open the tin and spread it over your skin whenever you need a touch-up.

Get Lumber Prince Men’s Cologne Balm at Amazon.

8. Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein
Photo from Amazon

This delicious scent by Calvin Klein is sure to leave you feeling summery all year round! This fruity and woody scent is a yummy blend of mango, grapefruit, aqua, melon, and eucalyptus. Think of it as a spring-summer fragrance that’s perfect for day wear!

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9. Azzaro Chrome Aqua

Azzaro Chrome Aqua
Photo from Amazon

Just by the name of this fragrance, you know it’s going to be a refreshing scent. Infused with invigorating fragrances of green apple, grapefruit and vetiver, Chrome Aqua by Azzaro can be described as having a green and aromatic scent.

Once the fruity scents fade, you can pick up notes of mint, aqua and basil notes as well — great for when you need a pick-me-up throughout the day! Go for this cologne and it will surely bring out the nomadic sailor in you.

Get Azzaro Chrome Aqua at Amazon.

10. Gulf Coast Spyce

Gulf Coast Spyce
Photo from Amazon

This cologne for men is another amazing find! Its scent is warm, spicy and citrusy at the same time — a harmonious combination of intense and refreshing scents.

Because of its unique combination of ingredients, this cologne has a signature scent that works well for the day and night.

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11. Vince Camuto For Men

Vince Camuto For Men
Photo from Amazon

This classic cologne by Vince Camuto has a rich, bold fragrance that’s long-lasting and alluring with top notes of fresh spices and leather coming through strong!

Perfect for all seasons and at any time of day, it leaves behind a lovely citrusy blend of oranges and bergamot after settling on your skin.

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12. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
Photo by Amazon

A quintessential summer fragrance, Acqua di Gio will remind you of the sun, sea, flowers and holidays! It contains notes of jasmine, orange, lime and more in this breezy blend of floral and fruity scents. Perfect for daywear, spritz it on in the morning to keep yourself in a fresh state of mind all day long.

Get Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani at Amazon.

13. Explorer Men’s Solid Cologne by ulio&jack

Explorer Men's Solid Cologne by ulio&jack
Photo from Amazon

This delicious, addictive scent is a fresh blend of bergamot, jasmine and grapefruit with a light hint of peppermint that makes it subtle and clean at the same time. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t last — you can wear it in the morning and it will linger on throughout the day!

This refreshingly masculine scent is made with jojoba oil and shea butter, which will leave your skin feeling moisturized as well.

Get Explorer Men’s Solid Cologne by ulio&jack at Amazon.

13. Sante Fe Eau de Cologne

Santa Fe Cologne
Photo from Amazon

A scent that’s been around since 1988, Santa Fe has been a favorite for generations now! This is an old classic which is a rich blend of sandalwood and patchouli.

Spritz on this timeless fragrance if you’re a fan of intense fragrances and enjoy familiar, nostalgic scents.

Get Sante Fe Eau de Cologne at Amazon.

14. Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men

Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men
Photo from Amazon

This provocative scent doesn’t believe in being subtle! Euphoria is an intense fragrance that is perfect for those who are all about getting straight to the point.

A mix of fresh spices and woody aromas, it contains notes of ginger, pepper, sage and black basil. Makes for a heady combination, doesn’t it?

This unique fragrance demonstrates how Calvin Klein creates some of the most unique and best cologne for men. The scent is truly addictive, believe us!

Get Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men at Amazon.

First impressions are important, and an alluring cologne can truly create an unforgettable impact! If you’re wondering how to choose the best cologne for men, this list can help you decide!

Whether you’re looking for something refreshing, provocative or intense, there are a host of colognes that you can explore from. From fruity, woody, spicy to citrusy, each of these colognes have their own unique fragrance. So go ahead and choose the one that will reflect your personality. After all, a man’s scent can truly be a representation of his persona!

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