20 FREE & Best Gacha Games To Try Your Luck On

We all love the concept of luck. There is just something about games involving the concept of luck that attracts the public. From raffle draws to roulettes, a game of cards and even online games, these games involve a fair share of both skills and luck to win. These two key elements are also what make up the best gacha games of today’s generation.

What are gacha games?

Japanese gachapon
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The word gacha is from the Japanese word “gachapon” (also called gashapon), which refers to vending machines that dispense capsule toys. The word gachapon itself is made up of “gacha”, which is the sound of cranking the machine’s dial, and “pon” which is the sound of the toy hitting the collection tray.

Similar to the concept of gachapon, gacha games are video games that use an in-game currency used to purchase chances to randomly wins you an item or a character. Some of these “prizes” can be used to advance or upgrade the game to a higher level, or can just be added to the player’s collected items.

If this sounds like fun to you, here are 20 of the best gacha games you can download for FREE on your mobile devices.

1. Final Fantasy Brave Exivus

iOS l Android

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Photo from Google Play Store

Final Fantasy is no stranger to fans of the role-playing genre. If you are into the classic style of the games of years past, this is just the game for you. It offers a mix of gacha mechanics, an amazing storyline, and exciting exploration structures.

The best part of the game is the presence of characters from the old Final Fantasy games which players can unlock. Final Fantasy Brave Exivus has scheduled events that allow players to play to level up existing characters. This is also the best opportunity for players to unlock newer ones.

2. Raid: Shadow Legends

iOS l Android

Raid Shadow Legends
Photo from Google Play Store

Raid: Shadow Legends, produced by Plarium Global, could perhaps be one of the best gacha games in the market today. Featuring a variety of races and warriors, the game starts with a story that introduces the player to the game; after which it introduces other modes such as a PVP arena, battles, and other limited-time specials.

As you progress with the game, heroes can be unlocked which may be upgrades of your current characters…or not. You can also summon these characters by logging in every day.

3. Another Eden

iOS l Android

Another Eden
Image from Google Play Store

This could probably be one of the newest gacha games in the market today. Created by the same group that made Chrono Trigger, one may find familiar aspects like the concept of time travel in this game. There are design elements and parts of the story that may be similar to Chrono.

Players are engaged in story missions instead of being in mission-style gameplay which is common in most gacha games today. The gacha elements to this game may be a bit minor at first but as you go along, it eventually grows over time.

4. Alchemist Code

iOS l Android

The Alchemist Code
Photo from Google Play Store

Unlike most gacha games that utilize JRPG mechanics, this game makes use of strategy RPG instead. This is great for those who like fast thinking on the go and planning tactics while playing.

The game boasts of 50 collectible characters, a multiplayer co-op mode, and a lot of special events to watch out for. Add to that is the game’s impressive soundtrack, great graphics, and a lot of entertaining things to accomplish.

5. Summoner’s War

iOS l Android

Summoner's War
Photo from Google Play Store

This could probably be one of the most popular turn-based RPG gacha games available. Developed by Com2Us, Summoner’s War allows players to become summoners of monsters.

The game is equipped with battles and special-timed events, and as you play along, you can unlock monsters that you can use during the game. While the game may be one of the oldest in the market today, the number of downloads and good reviews up to this date is a sure indication that this may still be one of the best gacha games around.

6. Fate/Grand Order

iOS l Android

Fate Grand Order
Photo from Google Play Store

Built with a very comprehensive storyline, Fate: Grand Order is one of those gacha games to watch out for. It has a very enjoyable gameplay and has a wide array of characters to unlock.

For quite some time, Grand Order was only available for download in Japan. It made its international debut and was released to the world just a few years ago.

7. Azur Lane

iOS l Android

Azur Lane
Photo from Google Play Store

Azur Lane is one of the newer gacha games in the market. Just like most gacha games, players are allowed to summon characters. It has more than 300 characters to unlock and a variety of other activities to do which should keep you entertained.

What sets this apart is that you will be playing female characters that later on turn into tanks. Later on, you form convoys and fight the bad guys.

8. Fire Emblem Heroes

iOS l Android

Fire Emblem Heroes
Photo from Google Play Store

It was quite a risk for Nintendo to give the gacha world a try; but, as it turns out, it was a risk worth taking. The game uses strategy RPG systems, similar to console games, and is full of fun and colorful graphics. There are a large number of characters to summon, all from the emblem series. What’s more, the game comes with a huge array of challenges to conquer.

What makes this one of the best gacha games in the market today is that in the game, players are made aware of the percentage chances of being able to summon a really good unit. That allows the player to decide whether the item is worth pursuing or not.

9. Marvel: Strike Force

iOS l Android

Marvel Strike Force
Photo from Google Play Store

It may be because of a huge fan base that these classic comic book characters have finally transcended into gacha gaming. Marvel’s Strike Force is popular not just for its superheroes but as well as for the expansive campaign and a large roster of characters you can recruit to your team. Just like in the comic books and the movies, there is so much emphasis on team effort, where excellent teamwork can result in overcoming challenges.

The game comes with flash events, arena battles, blitzes and raids that players look out for. Apart from that, new characters are added regularly and so players always have a reason to log back in.

10. Marvel: Future Fight

iOS l Android

Marvel Future Fight
Photo from Google Play Store

A cross between action RPG mixed with some hint of beat-em-up gameplay, Marvel: Future Fight may very well be one of the best gacha games on mobile platforms. In this game, you can recruit characters, heroes and villains alike, to your team of three. Characters are drawn after each game. If you’re lucky, you might get unique characters that will bring you one step closer to building your dream team. What’s best is that players can also consistently switch these characters around while working on missions.

The game was first released in 2015 but even up until now, downloads and reviews are still soaring, evidence of the game not letting up. Besides, newer characters, costumes, and power-ups are regularly introduced which makes this gacha game worth the regular visit.

11. One Piece Treasure Cruise

iOS l Android

One Piece Treasure Cruise
Photo from Google Play Store

Produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment, One Piece Treasure Cruise is derived from an anime show, One Piece. This anime mobile game presents 1,000 characters for players to summon and collect, all while going through missions and thrilling battles.

The storyline is perfect, which is why it is considered by many as one of the best gacha games around. However, it might require players to have extra patience as it takes a while to get from one stage to another.

12. Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

iOS l Android

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2
Photo from Google Play Store

This gacha game employs simple JRPG mechanics, tons of events, and basically all other finds one gets in a decent gacha game. It contains PVP elements and a lot of the usual gacha bits and pieces.

160 characters are available for players to summon and collect. What sets this game apart from the others is its storytelling, which is way beyond the average.

13. DC Legends: Battle for Justice

iOS l Android

DC Legends Battle For Justice
Photo from Google Play Store

When Warner Brothers decided to go gacha, it was proof of the West being able to adapt to what initially was dominated by Asian gaming producers. DC Legends could potentially be one of the best gacha games in the market.

It has all the elements of the usual DC storyline — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash are just some of the main characters players can collect. Players build a team where exemplary teamwork equates to victories in battles and challenges. The game highlights raid events that players can go through for the possibilities of bigger rewards. The characters are also regularly updated. There is always something new to discover every day.

14. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

iOS l Android

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Photo from Google Play Store

For the Star Wars fans out there, this is for you. Created and published by Electronic Arts, Galaxy of Heroes is each player’s chance to build their Star Wars dream team. In this gacha game, players can build their team of 100% Jedis, or Siths. Players can even put in some Rebel Forces mixed with some Empire figureheads together. No matter the mix, players can create a team that suits his/her liking.

The game requires players to create their own fleet of ship battles for war. Challenges encountered can give players chances for a draw of new characters which is helpful and could potentially strengthen his team’s performance.

15. WWE Universe

iOS l Android

WWE Universe
Photo from Google Play Store

Created for the wrestling fans all over the world, this gacha game lets players collect wrestling superstars of the past and present as your characters. Characters can be unlocked, collected, or upgraded through an in-game gacha system. Equipped with real voices and amazing sound effects, the WWE Universe could be one of the best mobile wrestling games of today.

You can get into clubs for special events that are calibrated into WWE programming. If you’re a fan of wrestling as a sport or the WWE series in general, this might be a huge plus for you.

16. Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

iOS l Android

Sword Art Online
Photo from Google Play Store

This one here is relatively new in the market. Players get to play the traditional RPG roles while being able to collect a huge amount of characters from the series.

Generally speaking, the storyline is quite decent. It is equipped with guilds, co-op missions and other elements commonly found in gacha games.

17. Dragon Ball Legends

iOS l Android

Dragon Ball Legends
Photo from Google Play Store

From Bandai Namco comes a game many players have all been waiting for. Derived from the anime Dragon Ball Z, the anime mobile game takes on an extraordinary take on mobile fighting with its one of a kind over-the-shoulder view.

The moves and attacks are done by picking cards on the screen; the cards of which can be collected through a gacha system in-game. The game presents a whole new story and newer characters. The characters are newer, better, and possess much stronger powers than in the TV show we all watch. Overall, this is certainly one of the best anime mobile games to watch out for.

18. Valkyrie Connect

iOS l Android

Valkyrie Connect
Photo from Google Play Store

The game may be a little bit old as compared to the others in the market but it is still considered one of the best gacha games today. Compared to the newer gacha games in the market, the gacha system in-game is less complicated.

There’s a lot of content in this game that features a decent storyline. There are varying challenges that let players collect characters. Furthermore, there is also an online multiplayer mode that goes along with competitive and co-op modes.

19. PES Club Manager

iOS l Android

PES Club Manager
Photo from Google Play Store

PES Club Manager is the only sport-related gacha game on this list. Players in this game are allowed to create clubs and operate it while going through ranks. Leveling up means getting access to sports superstars the players can recruit. More superstars mean getting a higher chance at summoning stronger players.

Players can also train their sports stars to gain strength. Not only is this game equipped with gacha mechanics, but there are also loot boxes as well where the players can get their characters from.

20. Gacha Life

iOS l Android

Gacha Life
Photo from Google Play Store

Gacha Life is a game that lets players design their characters according to specifications. In-games allow players to earn currencies that can be used to purchase items that can be included in their collections. The gacha mechanism in this game can be accessed through mini-games where players can win random prices. Similar to each game with gacha mechanism, what players can get could be something they really wanted…or not.

Similar to The Sims, once avatars are created, players are now able to enter the studio mode for them to be able to create scenes with the created avatar. The only difference is that it is a simulation of real life. Players live their daily lives through the avatar they created. Daily activities like going to school or work are included.

Gone are the days when games are limited to game consoles. Each day, we see newer versions, newer games, and even upgrades of older games in the market. All in all, the gacha segment of the game industry is definitely growing in popularity.

While we all think these are the best gacha games in the market today, we always keep our fingers crossed for newer games in the future. Up until then, we keep our fingers crossed.


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