25 Must-Have Car Gadgets to Pimp Your Ride

According to research, 88% of American households now own cars. It is astonishing to realize just how many manufacturing companies have jumped on the bandwagon and started a different industry – designing and producing car gadgets that make driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable for us all. Here at MaximOnline, we’ve explored the internet to find the jaw-dropping, best, and most useful car gadgets around.

1. Handpresso

Handpresso, Car Gadgets, Coffee
Photo by Handpresso

We all like coffee on the go. Car gadgets like Handpresso give you the power to brew barista-like full flavour and strength espresso in your car in a matter of minutes. This is a must-have for those days that run late and leave us tired.

You don’t need to swing by a coffee shop or endure sipping on weak coffee from some diner along the road that won’t give you the needed caffeine kick any longer.

Plug it into a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug and let the Handpresso do the trick.

Get your Handpresso Here

2. Ztylus Stinger

Ztylus Stinger, Window Breaker, Emergency
Photo by Ztylus

Accidents do happen, unfortunately. And when they do, your doors and windows can end up jammed. This could be quite dangerous passengers and even the driver might be unable to get out of the car to reach safety. The Ztylus Stinger can come in handy in such situations as it can smash a car’s dashboard or window, allowing for the driver and passengers to escape.

You definitely won’t regret having car gadgets like this around. It’s never wrong to be prepared.

Get your Ztylus Stinger Here

3. Raptor Rooftop Tent

Raptor Rooftop Tent, Camping, Motors
Photo by Raptor Series

Road trips can sometimes lead you to areas with no place to spend the night safely. If that happens, the Raptor rooftop tent can be loads of help. It can be easily set up in a few minutes and has interiors that are comparable to a large living area.

The tent can comfortably fit two adults. It also has a net door that can roll up and down, ensuring you are protected from the elements while allowing you to catch a beautiful sunrise in the morning.

Get your Raptor Rooftop Tent Here

4. Haitral Inflatable Car Bed

Haitral Inflatable Car bed, Bed, Car Seat
Photo by Haitral

This airbed from Haitral is just right for SUVs, sedans, and other large vehicles. It allows you to transform the backseat of your vehicle into a bed. It’s really handy for long overnight drives.

It comes with pillows and a repair kit. It can be easily stored when not in use. It’s perfect for camping and long road trips.

Get your Haitral Inflatable Car Bed Here

5. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger

Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger, Charger, Anker
Photo by Anker

Phones have become an essential item for most of us. We rely on our phones to keep in contact with work and family. We also have a myriad of other uses for phones such as browsing the internet and taking photos.

However, we are often limited in the usage of our phones by its battery life.

That’s why Anker’s Quick Charge USB Charger is one of the more useful car gadgets to have. It can boost your battery up to 80% in an average time of about half an hour. It also has dual ports that have enough power to charge not just one but two USB devices at a time. You and your passenger can both charge your devices at the same time.

Get your Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger Here

6. Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tymate TPMS, Tire Monitoring
Photo by Tymate

Your tires are supremely important for your car. They keep your drive steady and ensure that you don’t skid on wet surfaces. To ensure your tires are in peak condition, the Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System is peerless. This car gadget tells you when your tires are in hazardous conditions and if it can still make it to your destination.

The TPMS monitors air pressure and temperature in real-time. Equipped with different alarm systems – sensor fault alarm, sensor battery low power alarm, high-temperature alarm, high-pressure alarm, slow leak or fast leak alarm – it will definitely help to keep you safe wherever you may drive.

Get your Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Here

7. Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki GPS Tracker, Tracker, GPS, Car Gadget
Photo by Tracki

The thought of a stolen car is always a nightmare for car owners. Fear not, as the Tracki GPS tracker can give you real-time updates on the whereabouts of your car. This car gadget makes monitoring easier with 1-5 minute updates, worldwide coverage, and a battery that can last for up to three days. The best part is that it can store up to 5 years of tracking history which can come in handy.

Furthermore, no matter where you are, a customer service representative will be able to assist you via chat or call.

Get your Tracki GPS Tracker Here

8. DinoFire Car Key Finder

DinoFire Car Key Finder, Tracker, Locator
Photo by DinoFire

Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness can lead to a loss of time. If we lose our car keys, we won’t be able to get to our appointments on time. That’s where car gadgets like car key finders come in handy.

Car key finders help us locate misplaced keys in an instant. It’s a Bluetooth tile that is attached to a key-chain. Connect the key-chain to your car keys and you’ll never lose them again. Your smartphone’s Bluetooth will connect to the tile and with the app, you can command the tile to ring when looking for your keys. Simply follow the ringing and you’ll find your keys.

Get your DinoFire Car Key Finder Here

9. Queenty Hepa Car Air Purifier

Queenty Hepa Car Air Purifier, Air Freshener
Photo by Queenty

It’s important to keep your car clean and bacteria-free. If you spend long amounts of time in your car, the presence of bacteria could lead to an environment that affects your immune system.

This car air purifier helps eliminate negatively-charged ions that stick to dust and microbes that cause unpleasant odors. By eliminating these negatively-charged ions, you are also eliminating unwanted odors and bacteria.

You can plug this car gadget into a cigarette lighter and you will get an improved air quality inside your car.

Get your Queenty Hepa Car Air Purifier Here

10. Chefman Mini Fridge Electric Cooler

Mini Fridge Electric Cooler, Car Gadgets
Photo by Chefman

We know long drives can be a pain sometimes. When on a long drive, you might feel the need to quench your thirst with an ice-cold bottle of water or juice. Not being able to do so or having to stop at a convenience station along the way might leave you frustrated.

The Chefman mini-fridge Electric Cooler can come in handy. Not only does it cool your drinks, the mini-fridge has a 4-liter capacity and can also warm your food.
This can be very useful not just on long drives but even on picnics with family and friends.

Get your Chefman Mini Fridge Electric Cooler Here

11. Intey Massage Cushion

Intey Massage Cushion, Seat Relaxer
Photo by Intey

A good massage is priceless, and you don’t have to own a cool car to incorporate a good massage and a drive.

The Intey Massage Cushion comes with a deep-kneading massage that targets the back, the neck, and the shoulders. It can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter and immediately turns off after 15 minutes.

The massage cushion, when installed on your car seat, can give you that massage you’ve been longing for. There are numerous massage options to choose from but one thing’s for sure, this massage cushion can provide the relaxation your sore muscles need from driving.

Get your Intey Massage Cushion Here

12. Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite

Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite, Charger
Photo by Nonda

The Nonda Zus is not your average phone charger. It can charge your phone up to 24 times faster than ordinary phone chargers. On top of its amazing charging speed, it has other functions when you plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter.

It gives you a clear picture of the performance of your car’s batteries, mileage, and can even alert you on the existence of parking meters in your area. It’s an all-in-one device.

Get your Nonda ZUS Connected Car App Suite Here

13. Uniden Home Patrol Digital Handheld Scanner

Uniden Home Patrol Digital Handheld Scanner, GPS
Photo by Uniden

Keep yourself updated with weather and road situations wherever you go. This hand-held scanner is equipped with a few sets of batteries that can last two weeks at a time. Just enter the zip code of your destination and the GPS technology installed in the scanner will show you a picture of any hazards in or on the way to your destination.

Get your Uniden Home Patrol Digital Handheld Scanner Here

14. SEI Heads-up Display Speedometer

SEI Heads-up Display Speedometer, Speed, Car Gadgets
Photo by SEI

Digital and more accurate, this gadget tells you how fast you’re going. This digital speedometer can be placed on your windshield, enabling you to know how fast you are without even glancing away from the road.

It can be easily installed, works with most car models, and you can also set an alarm for when you are beating the speed limit.

This gadget keeps you at an acceptable pace and avoids you being reprimanded by authorities or driving dangerously.

Get your SEI Heads-up Display Speedometer Here

15. BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer, Alcohol, Car Gadgets
Photo by BACtrack

Drinking and driving is against the law. Most countries have a legal limit of alcohol you can consume and drive. When you’re in a situation where you’ve had one or two drinks and are unsure if you’re over the limit, this gadget can help you check if you’re alright to drive or need to call a cab.

This car gadget can even call Uber from its app when your alcohol levels are above the limit.

Key-chain breathalyzers are just one of those car accessories that allow you to stay safe and drive responsibly.

Get your BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer Here

16. VAVA Car Dash Cam

VAVA Car Dash Cam, Camera, Car
Photo by VAVA

A dashcam is a camera placed on your dashboard that records a driver’s travel from point A to point B. While not exactly made to protect you from harm, this isn’t a useless piece of car decor as well. The dashcam documents every second of your travel and ensures responsible parties take accountability during accidents.

It has a 360°Swivel mount that can capture all the happenings inside and outside your car.

Get your VAVA Car Dash Cam Here

17. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

Windgear Magnetic Phone Mount Holder, Car Gadgets
Photo by WindGear

We all have that knack for driving while keeping our phones close. It could be because we like our phones close for music, for navigating, or for taking emergency calls. That’s what this magnetic phone car mount holder is for. It makes sure your phone stays in place regardless of road bumps or vibrations.

This maintains your phone’s accessibility should you need to use it. In a safe situation of course.

Get your WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Here

18. Janker Hand Vacuum

Janker Hand Vacuum
Photo by Janker

Clean cars are the best. No one likes stepping into a car full of litter. That’s why this car gadget is quite useful especially if you’re used to being tidy all the time.

You can have dogs, cats, or any furry pet inside your car without any worries of fur sticking to your car seats. It’s cord-free and can rid your car of fur, hair, dust, and allergens. With continuous use, it can last to up to 25 minutes. Charge it for 4 hours and it’s ready once again.

Get your Janker Hand Vacuum Here

19. Pro-LifT Bottle Jack

Pro-LifT Bottle Jack
Photo by Pro-LifT

Imagine car trouble in the middle of nowhere with nobody around to assist you to change tires. The Pro-LifT Bottle Jack is just what you need.

A bottle jack is a mechanical device that lifts heavy objects like your car. It can be adjusted to whatever height you wish, making it easier for you to change tires or to go down under too fix your car. One of the essential car gadgets everyone should own.

Get your Pro-LifT Bottle Jack Here

20. Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer

Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer
Photo by Lusso Gear

Things inside your car can sometimes get lost and hard to find. A car seat organizer allows you to avoid that.

Made of polyester and durable mesh, this organizer can be strapped to any car seat and can house all your unused car decors, gadgets and gizmos. It has different compartments that can hold toys, books, or even a tablet for when your kids get bored and want to watch a movie on long trips.

Get your Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer Here

21. TrunkCratePro Car Trunk Organizer

Car Gadgets, TrunkCratePro Trunk Organizer
Photo by TrunkCratePro

If you have more items than the car seat organizer can manage, you probably need a car trunk organizer.

If you’re used to storing items in your trunk, this is one way to keep all of your car accessories organized.

Made from Oxford polyester fabric, it’s water and abrasion-resistant and can withstand long road travels. It’s collapsible and you can easily fold it whenever it is not in use.

Get your TrunkCratePro Car Trunk Organizer Here

22. Escort Max360 Laser Radar Detector

Escort Max360 Laser Radar Detector, Car Gadgets
Photo by Escort

This is one of those car gadgets that stops you from getting into trouble.
A laser radar detector is a device that will alert you if you are being monitored by the authorities using a radar gun to catch speeding vehicles.

It has the fastest response time and accurately identifies threats with its front/rear antennas. While you shouldn’t speed in any case, consider this as a warning signal to be more aware of your current speed.

Get your Escort Max360 Laser Radar Detector Here

23. Boscam Back-up Camera

Boscam Back-up Camera, Car Gadgets
Photo by Boscam

This is a camera that shows you what’s happening behind your car.

Digital and wireless, the backup camera shows you objects behind your car that makes reversing accident-free and safe. With the backup camera in place, you avoid hitting other cars or any obstacles that can potentially cause damage to your car. It’s a really useful car gadget.

Get your Boscam Back-Up Camera Here

24. MotorMood

MotorMood, Car Gadets
Photo by MotorMood, LLC

Driving can often be tiring. Other road users can hostile, especially when the traffic is heavy.

MotorMood is a car accessory that lets you send a wink to other drivers. The light-up winky face can be lighted for 6 seconds with a push of the button before it automatically turns off.
It can be used as a thank you for letting you in on the lane or for other acts of consideration. This is one of the better car gadgets to send your message of positivity across.

Get your MotorMood Here

25. SpareOne Plus

Car Gadget, SpareOne, Phone
Photo by SpareOne

SpareOne Plus is one of the car gadgets you can use to make calls, especially during emergencies. You don’t need to worry about its batteries running out.

The emergency phone can weather extreme conditions and it can be used to call 911 during emergencies with talk time that can last for up to 10 hours. It’s great to have because you’ll never know when you might need it.

Get your SpareOne Plus Here

We all want to get the best experience and to get the most out of our ride. Unpleasant surprises like engine problems and popped tires can be avoided or easily solved with these car gadgets. You don’t have to have the coolest cars to have them; all you need is a good understanding of what you potentially need, and you’re safe and secure.


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