5 Up and Coming Male Influencers To Look Out For

Is your social media feed running out of inspiration? In this age where everything is curated online, you might struggle to find exactly the kind of content you’re interested in. We’ve scoured the social media space to find some up-and-coming influencers to consider checking out!

The Male “Influencer”

In a market that is still very female-centric, it can be hard for male influencers to break out onto the scene without being subjected to gender role stereotypes and expectations. For example, beauty and fashion content are seen as more female-oriented whereas gaming is more linked to males. This makes it harder for the opposite gender to break into that particular market and appeal to that target audience.

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Even the title of “influencer” itself has a frivolous connotation to it. They prefer being called something like “content creator/producer” to emphasize how they generate content, or something more industry-related, like “beauty guru” or “gamer”. A simple title can establish a specific identity or label within a community and this can cause a greater gender divide.

That all said, we consider the men featured here “influencers” for the way they use social media to share aspects of their work and daily life to inspire a certain lifestyle or cultural movement in their audience.

Fashion & Grooming
Phil Cohen (@thepacman82)

@thepacman82 insta
via @thepacman82 on Instagram

A graphic designer by name, Phil Cohen is not your usual fashion influencer. Instead of using models to show off the outfits, Phil lets the clothes speak for themselves. This gives him more control over how he wants to present the clothes.

Phil combines his love for casual menswear fashion and eye for aesthetics by showcasing the outfits as a sort of #flatlay moodboard. His style is both modern and minimalistic, lending itself to the simple layout of the photo. On his blog, he provides purchase links to the clothes featured so you can get the look for yourself.

PS: Check out his personal account (@philcohen_) if you’re into clean and minimalistic interior designs.

Health & Fitness
Kyle Reain (@attitude_fitness)

@attitude_fitness insta
via @attitude_fitness on Instagram

Best known as the trainer for lifestyle YouTuber Lindy Tsang aka Bubzbeauty, Kyle is all about making fitness easy and convenient for everyone. Based in Northern Ireland, he conducts both home coaching and group sessions. For his international clients, he provides online coaching as well. His Instagram page features a lot of useful fitness and diet tips to motivate you further.

Although his clientele is mostly female, he does offer training sessions for men too and his fitness tips can definitely be helpful to anyone. Check out his website to find out more about his services and his clients’ success stories.

Yohei (@01homeless)

@01homeless insta
via @01homeless on Instagram

They say home is where you make it — and Yohei has found his home in his van. Don’t underestimate the small real estate; Yohei has his van stocked with all his daily essentials with a rooftop tent for sleeping. He even has an in-built karaoke system to entertain himself on long rides!

Follow his journeys as a “vanlifer” traveling around in his mobile home to explore the sights, tastes and hot springs of Japan. He’s also a very active traveler, traveling to different countries to explore their people, food and cultures.

As an up-and-coming photographer/videographer, he recently started a YouTube channel where he documents his van-lifestyle as well as some of his personal videography works.

Update 17 Nov 2019: Check out our article on van life to find more about this alternative trending lifestyle!

Home Design
Matt Impola (@handcraftedmovement)

@handcraftedmovement insta
via @handcraftedmovement on Instagram

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your dream bachelor pad or just to downsize your living space, Matt aims to help with that by showcasing his tiny home designs.

The tiny home lifestyle is an up-and-coming trend for people looking to lead a simpler lifestyle. Matt proves that living in a tiny space doesn’t mean having to stinge on functionality and good design. You can see how he effectively utilizes the limited space to bring out its natural beauty.

Even if you’re someone not big on living small, you can still draw inspiration on how to make the most of your living space from Matt’s beautiful home designs.

Abhishek Dekate (@abhishekdekate)

@abhishekdekate insta
via @abhishekdekate on Instagram

Abhishek’s Instagram feed is all about quaint cafés and restaurants around his neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, with beautifully shot food pictures. He portrays the locations and food in a very classy and refined way, perfectly in line with the modern foodstagrammer aesthetic.

If you’re a DIY foodie who loves to cook, Abhishek’s website also includes some simple recipes that you can try at home.

The male influencer circle is still very niche, but that is slowly but surely changing. Societal views on gender norms are changing and people are becoming more accepting of different types of content. In recent years, we’re seeing more men creating or viewing content about traditionally feminine topics like beauty and fashion. Hopefully, in the future, we can see more mainstream male influencers targeting more diverse interest groups.

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