10 Second Date Tips Proven To Score Big

Congratulations, your first date was a success! Now you’re looking forward to having a second date. Are you feeling anxious? That’s normal! The second date is just as important as the first one, it’s your second shot at getting the girl. To help you be more prepared for your next meeting, we share 10 of our second date tips that are proven to score big.

1. Get moving

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Incorporating physical activities into your date is a great second date idea. Researchers claim that working out together helps improve emotional bonds between couples as it’s a chance to bring the two of you closer.

Hiking, doing yoga, and hitting the dog park are examples of second date ideas that you could consider. Let these shared physical activities drive your conversations. Even if you two are not that sporty or active, you can just head outdoors and have a romantic stroll together in the park.

2. Flirt a little bit more

This second date tip might not work for every situation so be extra careful to judge the chemistry between you and your partner first. It’s okay to be direct and loosen up a bit but do this only if both of you feel comfortable with each other enough.

Giving compliments is one subtle yet effective way to do it. Do it naturally, but don’t forget to be respectful to your partner. Start off lightly first and if she takes it well, slowly increase the flirtiness gradually over time as she gets more comfortable.

3. Avoid flaunting your cash

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Many men want to show that they can afford stuff but avoid splurging your cash on your second date. This gesture might make her think you’re being shallow and the relationship could potentially end as quickly as it started.

Of course, spend money where it’s needed but the objective of this second date tip is not to show off your financial capacity. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, let your true personality be shown rather than your lifestyle.

4. Make contact

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When she laughs at your joke or asks more questions about you or makes prolonged eye contact, these are signs that she may be genuinely interested in you. If you sense she’s comfortable enough, you can initiate some small physical contact, like touching her hand or putting your arm around her shoulder.

This second date tip can help break the barrier and awkwardness between you much faster. However, if you feel that she’s keeping her distance, don’t hold it against her. It might not mean she doesn’t like you; she’s not just ready.

5. Be confident…

This is a recurring tip you’ll hear when it comes to dating because it really works! There must be a reason why she accepted your invitation to have a second date. It could have been something you did that won her over, or perhaps she likes something about your personality.

Keep it cool and be sure of yourself. Know your good points that she might have been attracted to at first and build on them. Your confidence will be reflected in your actions and how you carry yourself.

6. …but don’t be arrogant

Yes, it’s important to be confident — but please don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Arrogance is a huge turn-off and can instantly ruin everything between you and her.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and assume that you’ve got this in the bag when you’re only on your second date. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be too humble either. Take credit where it’s due but avoid bragging or over-exaggerating.

7. Listen with intent

This is another one of the more fundamental second date tips. Listen to what she has to say and be genuinely interested. Wherever possible, try to make connections to what she shared with you previously to show that you were paying attention to her. Women will more likely appreciate a good listener than a good storyteller.

Of course, you don’t have to stay silent and listen throughout the entire date, remember to create a two-way conversation rather than a monologue. The point here is you have to be genuine in knowing your date more and be open to let her know more about you.

8. Ask questions

Asking questions is good, but it’s important to ask the right questions. Focus on her interests, hobbies, and family so you can get to know her better. When she’s sharing something about herself, ask related questions to show you’re attentive. At the same time, don’t make it feel like an interview; let the conversation flow naturally and don’t bombard her with too many questions.

If she doesn’t answer your questions directly, it’s important to be sensitive and not be too nosy or pushy. There might be some questions that she’s not comfortable with so sometimes you have to step back a little. If you need to, practice beforehand on what questions to ask.

9. Get her a gift

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Is this really necessary? Actually, no. Will she like it? A big yes! You don’t have to buy something that is too expensive, it can set the expectations very high and it might make her feel “burdened” receiving such a costly present. Don’t overthink what kind of gifts she’ll really like — it’s the thought that counts. You also don’t have to ask her what she wants; it can be a nice little surprise for her.

At the end of the day, it’s just a simple gesture to show your affection for her so as long as you’re genuine and sincere about it, even something small and inexpensive is perfectly fine. If you can, make something yourself like a card or some food so it’s more personalized.

10. Ask for a third date

This is one of the most important second date tips that you don’t want to forget. It may sound a little bold, but don’t miss the chance. You never know unless you ask, so if you feel that both of you are building up some chemistry, then ask her out again.

Who knows, she might be too shy to ask you so if you make the first move, she might just say yes. Remember, confidence is key; show that you’re interested in seeing her again and ask her directly.

Not all of these second date tips might necessarily applicable to your specific date situation. You can customize some of these according to your date, taking into account your date partner’s mood that day and personality style. Read the situation properly first before adapting these tips appropriately. For more tips on how to act on a date, check out our article on date etiquette as well.

If you make any wrong moves or misjudge the situation, admit it quickly and apologize. If it was really a genuine mistake and you are sincere about it, she will understand that you didn’t mean to offend her or ruin the date. After all, it is understandable that you don’t know her very well since it’s just your second date.


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