The Classics: 10 Sex Positions For Beginners

The first time is special but often awkward: there’s the fumbling with clothes, nervous exhales and likely some kind of confusion as to whether you’re doing things right.

sex positions for beginners
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Much like a waltz, in order to enjoy and properly explore the act of sex, it is ideal for someone to be in charge. There are, of course, sex positions out there that are best done with the woman leading the way. This article, however, is for the guys out there who just got out of their shell and are about to experience their exciting yet confusing first time (or first few times).

We list the best sex positions for beginners that are bound to give both you and your partner maximum pleasure:

1.  Face to face

face to face
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This is the position that most – if not all – sexual adventures begin with, and is truly worthy of number one in the title sex positions for beginners. What not many people realize is that even before getting all your clothes off, there’s a big chance that you’re already in this position, making intercourse all the more easy and accessible.

How’s it done:

In a sitting position, best when you are still sitting on the edge of your bed. Simply let your partner straddle you on top of your lap while kissing her. A variation of this is while lying in bed, face each other and do the deed while on your sides.

Add Intensity:

Let her close her legs while she’s on her side, then place your free leg on top of her’s. This way her leg muscles will add some pressure to her vaginal wall, making it a bit tighter than it is usually.

2.  Missionary

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The classic of all classics, this no-brainer position features in virtually every discussion involving sex due to its ubiquity and simplicity.

How’s it done:

While kissing your woman, let her lie on her back and spread her legs. Roll on top of her and proceed to gently insert your penis into her vagina.

Add Intensity:

Once again, let her close her legs, while you are on top of her and your penis is already inserted. This will have the same effect as the face to face closed legs.

Another way is by rubbing your shaft on top of her clitoris while in this position. This will most likely cause her to moan aloud with pleasure and want more.

3.  Hang Loose

hang loose
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Basically, a cool (albeit challenging) variation of the missionary position: this is doable even if you are a newbie, but upper body strength is required to support your partner lest she falls off.

How’s it done:

While in the missionary position, move your significant other to the edge of the bed and let her head hang over. Best, is if you tell her to just let her head hang and let her neck relax. This way her head will swing loosely as you proceed into pounding her with pleasure.

Add Intensity:

It would be better if done on top of a surface that is higher than your bed, such as a table. This way you can hang her to just below her shoulders, this best for pushing more blood into her brains while you’re doing the deed. You could even go as far as having her lock her legs onto your hips, while she is already waist far off the table.

4.  The Edge

the edge
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Since we are already at the edge of your bed, you can switch easily to this position. This particular position is ideal for performing cunnilingus as well.

How’s it done:

Have your woman sit on the edge of the bed with her legs apart and her feet on the floor. Insert your penis while you are on a kneeling position, or standing depending on the height of your bed, in front of her. Better would be to have her lean back about 60 degrees. This way your penis could also apply pressure to her G-spot, making her reach her climax faster.

Add Intensity:

Since she’s already leaning 60 degrees, that would leave the top of her vagina is exposed to you. Touching and rubbing her clitoris while doing the deed will surely increase the pleasure tenfold.

5.  Spooning

Photo by EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER from Women’s Health Mag. website

If ever there were a list of types of sex in movies, this would arguably be the most romanticized position ever: it’s portrayed as pure coital bliss, done typically on a lazy weekend afternoon. But not many would actually show that his penis is actually inside the woman’s vagina as he was doing this.

How’s it done:

While you’re both on your sides, face the direction that your partner is facing, so she has her back to you. After this, adjust her bottom to an angle where you could easily slip your penis into her vagina. For beginners, we suggest lifting her free leg up as you insert your penis then placing them down again once you’re in.

Add Intensity:

Other than passionately fondling her boobs, pay special attention to her nipples. Additionally, try to reach for her clitoris while in this position. With your other free hand, lightly rub her clitoris to improve the overall sensation.

6.  Doggy Style

doggy style
Photo by EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER from Women’s Health Mag. website

Another classic position, but this might just be the very first of all positions. The cavemen themselves seeing how animals do it must have used this position even then. Simple to do, and most women would attest that this is the position that hits their G-spot most often than not.

How’s it done:

Place your partner in front of you and have her kneel then bend over to lean on her hands. She’ll be on all fours by this time; then, depending on your height, you can adjust her height to you by spreading her legs. Women’s G-spot is right behind and below at about 5cm, to their clitoris. Thus, if you bend over on the back of your partner as you copulate, you’ll be putting pressure on her G-spot, which should intensify her pleasure.

Add Intensity:

Apart from providing easy access to a woman’s G-spot, this position is also great for men to reach deep into a woman. It makes it possible for any man, even those with a shorter shaft, to reach a woman’s uterus or her cervix.

7.  Sitting

Photo by EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER from Women’s Health Mag. website

Very similar to face to face position except you’re not facing her anymore. Instead of having her legs straddle you, she’d be hanging them loose on the side of your legs. This way, you are in total control of her as she sits on your penis.

How’s it done:

Sit comfortably in a couch or chair, then let her straddle you – but instead of facing her, make her face what you are facing. Then let her legs dangle on the side of your legs, thus placing all her weight unto her bottom and on your lap. You should then be able to stride her upwards and let gravity do the downward motion.

Add Intensity:

Since the front part of her whole body is facing outward from your chest, your hands are free to explore: you could fondle both her boobs and nipples at the same time. Then you could also rub her clitoris and the labia of her vagina or any combination of these. These actions will surely increase the excitement already being felt by your partner.

8.  Cowgirl

Photo by EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER from Women’s Health Mag. website

Every man has met a strong-willed woman now and again: a woman who likes to be on top of everything. Well, this is the sexual position for her.

How’s it done:

Lie on your back and let the woman roll over on top of you and straddle you from your hips. Basically, that’s it, it’s the reverse missionary position most would say. This may seem like a reversal of roles but for noobs on sex positions for beginners, but is still high on the pleasure meter.

Add Intensity:

What you can do, she can do better. Basically, if you want to intensify the sensation a Cowgirl position can make, then simply let her lead. Then just support her by moving your hips in conjunctions to her every move. Listen to her instructions on how she wants to be penetrated, and make adjustments if necessary. If you’re shy to ask, just pay attention to her body language.

9.  Reverse Cowgirl

reverse cowgirl
Photo by EMILY SCHIFF-SLATER from Women’s Health Mag. website

A variation of the cowgirl position, the girl would be facing your legs instead of your chest.

How’s it done: 

Lie on your back and let the woman roll over on top of you and straddle you from your hips. Then let her spin towards your legs (FYI, it’s called a helicopter move if she does this without letting your penis come out of her vagina). Once in the proper position, you may continue copulation.

Add Intensity:

Once in the proper position, you could let her lean back towards you. Then just like in the sitting position, you may start fondling her boobs or vagina. An additional sensation that can be attained with this position is the increased pressure on the woman’s G-spot.

10.  Rabbit

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Rabbits are not newbies when it comes to sex: as animals, it’s natural for them to procreate. This rabbit-inspired sex position has all the simplicity of the sitting position, while giving the woman greater freedom of movement/motion. This is because her legs are not dangling in this position, but are rather folded up on top of the bed.

How’s it done:

Let her straddle you while you’re kneeling in bed, just like the sitting position. The only difference is that this time she’ll be kneeling as well, giving her control of her body while doing the up-and-down motion.

Add Intensity:

Give her all the control she wants and support her by contrasting her downward motions with strong upward thrusts.

Sex can be rather intimidating, especially for beginners – but that shouldn’t stop you from indulging in one of man’s most primitive pleasures. Try our suggestions for the best sex positions for beginners (have fun, but remember to stay safe).

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