Top 50 Sexiest Reality TV Girls We All Love

With the production cost being not so expensive, we are seeing reality shows sprouting up like mushrooms every week. It can be fun, alright; but it can also be very cliché, dramatic, and sometimes even cheesy and irritating. From cooking shows to dancing and singing contests, dating games to just about anything, reality TV has something to offer television viewers of all tastes.

But whether you are into or against reality TV, we all know it is there to stay. And while we’re at it, we’ve scoured the internet (and the TV shows) for 50 of the most attractive female reality TV stars around.

Here they are:

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Photo by kimkardashian on Instagram

Long hailed as the queen of reality TV, this model, actress, and business mogul was the first to put the concept of reality TV to the limelight. We all know it, Kim Kardashian is reality TV personified!

In fact, out of all the reality TV stars around, Kim is perhaps one of the few who was able to sustain her level of popularity since she started. Hers exploded to international superstardom since the pilot of their hit show Keeping Up with the Kardashians started airing in 2007.

2. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson
Photo by Chris Weeks on gettyimages

After being with other Playboy playmates in a reality TV show The Girls Next Door, this hot babe was finally given her very own show Kendra. And yes, you got it right. The show is all about her life.

After attaining the popularity she deserves through reality shows, this glamour model and former Playboy playmate settled into marriage with a rich athlete for a husband.

3. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag
Photo by Denise Truscello on gettyimages

This girl sure can sing but we’re not here to discuss her singing talents. This reality TV star started her career in MTV’s reality show The Hills which aired in 2006. She then went on to become a regular in VH1’s reality TV show Famous Foods.

And just like any other reality TV star, Heidi Montag sure knows how to attract attention to herself with numerous stories leaking about her supposed cosmetic surgeries. Add to that is her constant break up and makeup with husband Spencer Pratt which results in her gaining all that media attention she craves.

4. Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari
Photo by kristincavallari on Instagram

From reality TV shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin Cavallari was catapulted into the limelight when she started dating American Football icon, Jay Cutler.

While she started her career with reality TV, this sizzling hot lady is currently not engaged in any show but we all know that with a face like hers, she’ll more likely land another role in yet another reality TV show anytime soon.

5. Billie and Sam Faiers

Billie and Sam Faiers
Photo by billiefaiersofficial on Instagram

From the UK reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex come, hot sisters, Billie and Sam Faiers. While the sisters were not the big stars of the show, the sisters just seem to be trying to put television screens on fire with many of their physically-stimulating shots. And if there’s one thing we are asking for, it’s that these sisters won’t stop!

6. Audrina Partridge

Audrina Partridge
Photo by audrinapatridge on Instagram

Another beauty that hailed from The Hills is Audrina Partridge. While this babe is also an actress more than a reality TV star, we can’t deny that her career started with reality TV.

And while she has already starred in films, you can never take reality TV out of Audrina. You guessed it right. She again has another reality TV show about herself which is aptly titled Audrina.

7. Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough
Photo by juleshough on Instagram

We all know her from winning Dancing With the Stars twice. This professional ballroom dancer is also a budding actress, landing herself in numerous movie roles that have helped her transform from being a reality TV star to an actress and a singer.

8. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger
Photo by nicolescherzinger on Instagram

Now, we can’t just go ahead and talk about reality TV’s discoveries. Reality TV also has a share of the already-famous making their names into the TV genre as well.

Take, for example, Nicole Scherzinger. This Pussycat Doll babe is just so sizzling hot like you’ve never seen before. She sat as a judge on the reality TV show the X Factor.

9. Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson
Photo by lucywatson on Instagram

We all know she played a bitchy role in Made in Chelsea but behind that façade of the role she played, she is just one beautiful heart, which, unfortunately, is constantly being broken by cheating men and game-playing boys.

10. Jessie J

Jessie J
Photo by jessiej on Instagram

We all know her from the chart-topping hits she released year after year. And while she is tough as a judge on the Voice UK, everybody knows she’s fair.

Not only that but her sense of fashion is just making waves left and right.

11. Alexandra Felstead

Alexandra Felstead
Photo by binkyfelstead on Instagram

Another babe from the show Made in Chelsea is Alexandra “Binky” Felsted. We all know we sometimes crave for a Binky to pour out all our problems, too. Because with all those great advice to heartbroken pals, who doesn’t want her?

12. Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson
Photo by Naomi Kaltman on gettyimages

There’s just something about the way she licks that food off her finger while staring into the camera.

With all that cooking and eating (and licking), it’s just a wonder how Nigella Lawson can be that hot and sexy TV chef that she is.

13. Kelly Osbourne

Photo by kellyosbourne on Instagram

One of reality TV’s greatest transformation is Kelly Osbourne. While she started her reality TV career as a chubby teen on MTV’s The Osbournes, Kelly transitioned into chubby and grumpy to a stylish fashion icon accounting for each celebrity’s fashion ups and downs on E!’s TV show Fashion Police.

14. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian
Photo by khloekardashian on Instagram

Yes, we have another Kardashian on the list. We can all but include each Kardashian and Jenner on this list, but that’s getting to be a family reunion if we do that.

Anyway, Khloe is perhaps the Kardashian we can all relate to. She is the Kardashian we would like to have coffee with on a hot Sunday afternoon. Aside from her celebrity status in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this reality TV star was best known for tweeting about not finding it a compliment when told that she is the hot sister. While she appreciates the compliment, she believes it is not a competition.

15. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
Photo by xtina on Instagram

We all know her from her early years as the artist behind Genie in a Bottle and other hits. This singer and actress is a mentor in the singing competition The Voice US. And while small, this diva is deemed to be harsh while remaining fair in her decisions.

16.Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley
Photo by Joseph Montezinos on gettyimages

This hot babe here started her stint as a TV presenter for SMTV live and Fame Academy. Upon making it to the US, she started to make waves with her hosting dance competition So You Think You Can Dance where she was nominated for an Outstanding Host at Emmy’s three times in a row.

17. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum
Photo by heidiklum on Instagram

Working for many years as a supermodel seems fitting for one to be chosen as the host for the fashion design competition Project Runway. In the competitive fashion industry, Heidi Klum seems to be the perfect person to know how designers need to survive the ruthless fashion industry.

18. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato
Photo by ddlovato on Instagram

When Simon Cowell named Demi Lovato as one of the judges for The X Factor US, eyebrows certainly were raised. This is perhaps because of her being one of the youngest to ever grace the show. But experience and talent have everyone change their minds as Demi Lovato seems not just fitting, but fitting beautifully well as a judge in the singing reality show.

19. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole
Photo by cherylofficial on Instagram

Cheryl Cole is perhaps the most-loved X Factor judge ever. While we know this TV star as one of the judges on this reality singing show, Cheryl Cole started her career in Popstars: The Rivals.

20. Ivanka Trump

Photo by Matthew Rolston on gettyimages

The daughter of the current President of the United States, Ivanka Trump is not just a pretty face to stare at. Before going into the White House, she was a mainstay on her father’s show Celebrity Apprentice. Easy on the eyes and sizzling to look at, that’s Ivanka.

21. Erika Jayne

Erika Jayne
Photo by theprettymess on Instagram

This blonde bombshell has always known she would be a performer someday, and performer she is now. Her career started at the early age of 19 when she landed minor TV roles which later on paved the way for much bigger roles on TV. While establishing herself as an actress to watch out for, she has also ventured into something she loved – singing.

22. Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa
Photo by joannakrupa on Instagram

We all know her from Dancing with the Stars, Top Model, and The Real Housewives of Miami but behind these strings of reality TV shows, this TV star has also made her way to some roles in television and the movies since the 2000s.

23. Millie Mackintosh

Photo by milliemackintosh on Instagram

Another of those babes from Made in Chelsea, Millie Mackintosh is a force to reckon with when it comes to her outfits. While no longer with the show, she has been keeping everyone up to date on her various Instagram posts and stories.

24. Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos
Photo by mariamenounos on Instagram

She may now be an entertainment reporter keeping us updated on the whereabouts of our favorite celebrities but aside from that role, Maria Menounos is also a professional wrestler, an actress, and a businesswoman.

This beautiful reality star hosted Extra and E! News and was one of the correspondents for Access Hollywood. TV roles aside, she has also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest when it was held in Athens.

25. Holly Madison

Holly Madison
Photo by hollymadison on Instagram

While we know her as a showgirl, a model, and a TV personality, this reality TV star is also a New York Times bestselling author.

She is popular for her hosting stints in E!’s reality TV show The Girls Next Door and for a series of her own, Holly’s World.

26. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews
Photo by erinandrews on Instagram

Sportscaster and TV personality, Erin Andrews is also known for her hosting stint in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She is also a mainstay on ABC’s Good Morning America and has worked as a sideline reporter for Fox NFL.

27. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi
Photo by padmalakshmi on Instagram

Hosting cooking competition Top Chef since 2006 until its 2018 edition, Padma is surely getting the kitchen hot for TV.

This beauty is also an author and has published cookbooks and a memoir.

28. Jessica Simpson

Photo by George Holz on gettyimages

Starting early at age 16, this American singer, actress, and fashion designer first released her album Sweet Kisses in 1999. The album sold millions of copies worldwide, after which it was followed by a second launch Irresistible which was this reality star’s more mature take on her singing.

29. Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung
Photo by jamiejchung on Instagram

She first started her career as a cast of MTV’s reality show The Real World: San Diego which later on became Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. While she started with reality TV, Chung later on transitioned into the movies, landing roles in notable films like Dragonball Evolution, Sorority Row, Sucker Punch, and Big Hero 6.

30. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad
Photo by George Holz on gettyimages

We all want a BFF just like Lauren Conrad. She’s amazingly fashion-focused and down to earth.

Known for her shows like MTV’s reality TV Show Laguna Beach and The Hills, she sure left her mark in the TV industry even after she lied low.

31. Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle Cannatella
Photo by Michael Bezjian on gettyimages

She was a Playboy model, an actress, and a contestant on a reality TV show. Aside from her TV ads and features in numerous music videos, her popular stints had been on reality TV shows The Surreal Life, Kill Reality, and even Fear Factor.

32. Whitney Port

Whitney Port
Photo by whitneyeveport on Instagram

Starred in the reality TV show The Hills with friends Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port was also already doing work with Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution by Kelly Cutrone.

She moved to New York where she worked with Diane von Furstenberg and got her series, The City.

33. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie
Photo by nicolerichie on Instagram

She was the lovable sidekick of Paris Hilton in the reality TV show The Simple Life. Nicole Richie was a show of her own, showing sharp wit and humor in a rather simple yet entertaining reality show.

34. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood
Photo by Jeff Kravitz on gettyimages

From winning American Idol in 2005 to winning hearts all over the world, Carrie Marie Fisher, professionally known as Carrie Underwood, made the rare opportunity to put a country song in the Billboard Hot 100.

35. Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler
Photo by George Holz on gettyimages

Born as Kellie Dawn Pickler, this American country music singer is also an actress and reality TV star. She found her way to fame as a contender for the fifth season of American Idol, landing in sixth place.

After her stint at Idol, she eventually signed a recording deal with 19 Recordings and BNA Records, producing albums that sold almost a million copies in the US alone.

36. Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee
Photo by katharinefoster on Instagram

American Idol seems to have produced a bunch of hot and accomplished women of today. American actress, singer, and songwriter Katharine McPhee is simply one of them.

Landing second on American Idol Season 5, she then released a self-titled album in 2007 and sold hundreds and thousands of copies worldwide.

Aside from recording, she has also ventured into acting and landed roles in various movies and TV shows.

37. Brooke Burke Charvet

Brooke Burke Charvet
Photo by brookeburke on Instagram

Born as Brooke Lisa Burke, this reality star was first known as a Playboy model and hosted Wild On!, Rock Star in 2005 and 2006. She was also on the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars and co-hosted the show from 2010 to 2013.

38. Jen Widerstrom

Jen Widerstrom
Photo by jenwiderstrom on Instagram

When controversy at how the contestants were losing weight in The Biggest Loser made noise, Jillian Michaels eventually left, which brought to the TV screens her replacement, Jen Widerstrom. Not that we’re complaining but Jen not only has the body to die for but her personality is making her shine more than anything else.

39. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe
Photo by kaitlynbristowe on Instagram

Almost everyone has wondered how Chris Soules missed those piercing eyes in The Bachelor but when Kaitlyn Bristowe was turned down, almost everyone was at a loss why.

She went back in another season of The Bachelorettes, though, and finally got a chance to choose one for her own.

40. Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada
Photo by evelynlozada on Instagram

While she was not married to a basketball player, Evelyn Lozada was a main cast at the reality TV show Basketball Wives. Though probably, at the time, the producers were thinking her dating NBA star Antoine Walker was already reason enough.

Anyway, she was once married to Chad Johnson, an NFL star. The marriage was short-lived and we find her now in a relationship with a baseball player.

41. Vanessa Simmons

Vanessa Simmons
Photo by vanessajsimmons on Instagram

Already famous before she found herself on reality TV, Vanessa is the daughter of rapper Joseph Simmons.

Active in the music industry, this reality TV star was one of the main casts in reality show Run’s House, which shows anything and everything that’s happening in the Simmons household.

42. Erica Mena

Erica Mena
Photo from Pikdo

28-year-old Bronx babe Erica Mena is not just giving you a pretty face. She’s all beauty, brain, and a bad girl attitude.

Known for the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop, her attitude makes her sizzle some more. Add to that is the fact that she’s a poet, a book artist, and a translator. That’s creative and sexy all at the same time. And that’s rare!

43. Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels
Photo by jillianmichaels on Instagram

Known to celebrities for her powers to have you lose weight, she gained a different set of fans for her role in the reality TV series The Biggest Loser.

It was in this show that we got to see Jillian in her most powerful – barking orders and being tough on the contestants, training them hard and issuing motivations which somehow made the weight-loss journey a bit more feasible.

44. Karina Smirnoff

Karina Smirnoff
Photo from Playboy

Winning the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars, this American professional ballroom dancer has probably one of the sexiest bodies on reality TV. Not only that but she is perhaps one of the most beautiful as well.

It’s hard to deny a spectacular dancer some love. Give it to this bombshell, now!

45. Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville
Photo by brandiglanville on Instagram

We know her from the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but did you know she was also a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice?

With that body, how can she be missed on this list?

46. Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore
Photo by thekenyamoore on Instagram

From Beverly Hills, we also have the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. This stint aside, she also appeared in Celebrity Apprentice where she got into a bunch of heated arguments with co-star Brandi Glanville.

47. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks
Photo by tyrabanks on Instagram

We see her in each cycle of America’s Next Top Model, working with the fashion industry’s biggest names in trying to find America’s next reality TV star.

With those piercing eyes and that strong personality, we just can’t ignore Tyra Banks.

48. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner
Photo by kendalljenner on Instagram

As earlier mentioned, it would be unlikely to include everyone in the Jenner/Kardashian household on this list. But with that said, it is also impossible not to include Kendall Jenner. She is beautiful and has a modeling career that spells nothing but success.

49. Snooki

Photo by snooki on Instagram

While we all know her as Snooki, she was born a Nicole Elizabeth LaValle. This American reality TV star is not just a dancer but is also a queen when it comes to the wrestling ring. She has also appeared in a lot of talk shows and is always included on the list of hottest reality TV stars since 2009.

50. Lala Kent

Lala Kent
Photo by lalakent on Instagram

When Lala Kent was introduced in Vanderpump’s spin-off, Vanderpump Rules, all eyes were immediately glued on her. The show is where Vanderpump presents her very own restaurant and what happens behind the closed kitchen doors.

Lala Kent is a TV star in progress and if work and luck work well for her, she might just be on the next magazine cover you’d find.

Reality TV is here to stay. While the genre has mixed reactions from TV viewers, there is a lot of speculation on how the genre unfolds in the coming decades. And while we’re keeping our fingers crossed, we know the genre has a lot more potential in churning out reality TV stars we would soon come to love.


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