The Fundamentals of Men’s Fashion 

Who says men’s fashion is boring? Granted women can have more style options when it comes to dressing, but there’s more to men’s fashion than just jeans and suits.


Who says men’s fashion is boring? Granted women can have more style options when it comes to dressing, but there’s more to men’s fashion than just jeans and suits.

Whether you want to know the latest trends, you need inspiration for everyday wofrkwear, you want to know your wardrobe options for a black-tie event, or you simply need a wardrobe upgrade — you’ve come to the right place.

Men's Fashion, Men's Style Guide

MaximOnline Style is your one-stop site for everything about men’s fashion and style. Through informative, well-researched, and easy-to-read articles, we will discuss in detail the fundamentals of men’s fashion. By understanding its basic framework, it will be easy for you to go with the style that works for you.

Moreover, there’s more to fashion than just clothes and how to put them on. Men’s fashion is also about how well you present yourself. And grooming is a big part of your presentation. In fact, everything starts with good grooming practices. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing the most expensive clothing brand if you look like a slob, you’ll never truly look (and feel) fashionably good.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll not only learn how to dress well, but you’ll also know everything about grooming — from basic shaving to the most sophisticated manscaping technique.

Read on and get ready to enjoy your sartorial journey.

I. A Quick & Easy Guide to Men’s Fashion 

Men’s fashion and style is more straightforward than women’s. But to look great — whether you’re dressing up for formal occasions or casual events — there are three simple rules you need to remember.

White Tie Formal, Men's Fashion

White Tie

Black Tie Formal, Men's Fashion

Black Tie

Semi Formal Attire, Men's Fashion


First, you have to know how to complement your body type. Highlight your best features and hide your flaws. And never wear clothes that are too tight nor too loose, no matter how trendy they are.

Second, keep it classy and comfortable. Just because you’re supposed to go to a black-tie event doesn’t mean you’ll go all out in a velvet jacket in the midst of summer. Comfort and simplicity are key. That’s why, some men prefer to get a bespoke suit to make sure it fits perfectly. 

Third, have fun with it. After all, fashion is all about having fun dressing up.

Now, let’s break down the fundamentals according to the different common dress codes in men’s fashion: formal, business, casual, and sporty/athleisure.

1. Formal Wear: How to Dress Appropriately

Whether you are hosting, attending, or accompanying someone to a formal event, you must dress appropriately. This is where men’s fashion can be fun. Formal events are occasions or social functions where people dress according to a specific official event protocol. Weddings, galas, funerals, balls, and charity events are some examples of formal events. Most often, these events are strictly by invitation only.

Different Formal Dress Codes

White Tie Formal, Men's Fashion

White Tie Formal

White tie is the standard dress code for the most formal of events, such as state or royal ceremonies, balls or banquets. 

What you wear:

  • White bow tie
  • Black evening tailcoat (with peaked lapels)
  • Matching evening trousers with a single stripe of satin or braid (US) or two stripes or braids (UK/Europe)
  • White, wing-collared evening shirt with stiff front and single-folded cuffs
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks
  • White vest (waistcoat)
  • Braces/suspenders
  • White or grab gloves (optional)
  • Black patent shoes and black dress socks
Black Tie Formal, Men's Fashion

Black Tie Formal

A black-tie dress code is less formal than the white tie. It is usually requested for important evening events, including a grand wedding, a prestigious ball, and awards ceremonies, among others. This means dinner suit/jacket (UK) or tuxedo (US).

What you wear:

  • Black bow tie
  • Black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers
  • Formal white shirt
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks
  • Black cummerbund or a vest
  • Braces/suspenders (optional)
  • Black patent dress shoes and black dress socks
Creative Black Tie, Men's Formal

Creative Black Tie

Creative black tie is less strict than black tie and allows guests to have more fun when dressing up. You can wear a black shirt or a red bow tie, for example.

What you wear:

  • Black or coloful bow tie
  • Black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers
  • Formal white or black shirt
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks
  • Colorful cummerbund or a vest
  • Braces/suspenders (optional)
  • Dress shoes and black dress socks
Black Tie Optional, Men's Formal Fashion

Black Tie Optional

Black tie-optional is when black tie is requested, but guests have the option to wear a dark business suit if they prefer.

What you wear:

  • A conservative tie or black bow tie
  • Black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers or a dark suit
  • Formal white shirt or a dress shirt
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks
  • Black cummerbund or a vest (optional)
  • Braces/suspenders (optional)
  • Black dress shoes and black dress socks
Semi-Formal Attire, Men's Fashion


Semi-formal attire is less formal than black tie but dressier than what you would wear to work.

What you wear:

  • Business suit (black or blue)
  • Dress shirt
  • Classic or trendy tie, or no tie
  • Shirt studs and cufflinks (optional)
  • Trendy cummerbund or a vest (optional)
  • Braces/suspenders (optional)
  • Leather dress shoes and colorful or dark dress socks

2. Business Attire: All About Looking Professional Yet Comfortable 

Unless you work in an office with a strict business dress code, chances are, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie every day. But there are always situations wherein you are required to wear a business attire — whether it’s a work interview, a corporate event, a business meeting, or a conference. 

Men's Business Attire, Men's Fashion

When it comes to men’s fashion, deciding what to wear to a business event or even to work can be a tough call. You need to impress and dress appropriately. At the same time, you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing.

What to Wear to Work

Most offices and companies have a requirement or a dress code for employees. The most common of which include business formal, business casual, smart casual, and casual.

Following the office dress code and dressing appropriately show that you are serious with the job and that you respect the company protocol. Most often, those who want to advance in their career dress for the job that they want to have, not the job they already have.

Business Formal Attire, Men's Fashion

Business Formal

Certain industries and companies, such as law, finance, and government, require a business formal dress code at work. This usually entails a suit, a jacket, dress shoes, and a tie.

Business Casual Attire, Men's Fashion

Business Casual

Business casual staples include trousers or dress slacks, a button-down shirt, dark socks, and dress shoes. Ties and coats are optional.

Smart Casual Attire, Men's Fashion

Smart Casual

Smart-casual dress code is more relaxed than business formal and business casual. This allows more room for your personal fashion preference to shine through. Think accessories, white sneakers, and colored coats.

Casual Attire, Men's Fashion


Casual dress code means dressing up in comfortable, informal, yet still professional clothing. This relaxed dress code allows employees to wear whatever they want as long as it is still appropriate for work — meaning clothing that you would wear to the beach, club, or for lounging at home should be avoided.

3. Casual Ensemble: Let Your Personal Style Do the Talking

How do you dress when there’s no dress code? Are you a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of guy? Or do you prefer chinos and button-down shirt? Is your closet full of designer clothes, or is it all about black jeans and leather jacket?

Whatever you’re comfortable wearing every day is your fashion style. And your style is not just about what you wear. It is about expressing yourself through your clothes. It’s about how you carry and present yourself to the outside world. It has a lot to do with your lifestyle and personality.

Common Types of Men’s Personal Style

The classic man is all about timeless wardrobe. He knows what he wants and he is after quality, not quantity. The classic guy is willing to spend on quality pieces that will last for years. And he knows how to invest in basic pieces which he can mix and match.

The rugged man is drawn to masculine and practical clothing. Think jeans and durable boots with a rubber sole, or water-resistant shoes. They pick clothes according to their functionality and practicality.

The rocker guy knows he is sexy and he’s not afraid to show it. He is confident and secure, not just in the way he dresses but in the way he carries himself. The rocker guy is more than just his leather jacket — he’s all about spunk and attitude.

There’s more to the hipster guy than just his fashion style. Being a hipster is a subculture associated with alternative genres. He goes for a non-mainstream fashion style, which focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly pieces. Hence, the hipster guy is also into vintage clothing.

The uniform guy is a busy guy who doesn’t want to spend his time thinking about what to wear next. So he has cultivated a style that works for him and stuck by it. It could be a suit or a jeans-and-shirt ensemble. After a while, his uniform becomes his signature style.

The athleisure guy’s top priorities are convenience and stylish comfort. He likes to wear his sportswear outside the gym, so he wants it to be stylish and versatile enough for everyday wear.

Casual Fashion: Trends You Need To Know in 2020

Fashion trends tell you what’s hip and popular styles at the moment. What’s in and what’s out. Often, this depends on different factors, including the season, what celebrities are wearing, pop culture, climate, political and economic situations, among others. Fashion trends change regularly. For 2020, here are some of the fashion casual trends you need to watch out.

This is a timeless style that needs no introduction. It may come and go for a while, but it always finds its way back into fashion. Classic, rebellious, adventurous and sexy — what more can you ask for in a biker jacket?

Functional, practical and still stylish, athleisure fashion combines sportswear with casual, everyday wear. This fashion trend gives emphasis on comfortable and durable materials and sporty details, complemented with casual fashion elements, such as denim, T-shirts, jackets and sweatpants.

Whether you opt for a messenger bag or one of those small ‘hip’ bags, the crossbody bag is the ‘it’ accessory this year. A practical and convenient way to keep your belongings safe and look fashionable at the same time.

4. Sporty/Athleisure: Comfort Dressing All Day Long

The idea of being comfortable all day while looking stylish appeal to many. And these days, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing comfortable, sporty clothing, not just at the gym or sporting events, but even in everyday functions. It’s no wonder the athleisure or sports luxe trend boomed in recent years. And it seems it’s here to stay.

Athleisure Fashion: Trends You Need To Know in 2020

Colorful Sportywear, Athleisure Fashion

Vibrant Hues
If you like ‘80s fashion, then be excited about 2020’s athleisure trends. Because it will be about vibrant shades and patterns. If you’re not sure about embracing this trend,  incorporate it by wearing vibrant accessories that will add a pop of color.

Sustainable Sporty Attire, Athleisure Fashion for Men

Sustainable activewear. Conscious apparel. Eco-friendly fashion. This trend of environment-friendly fashion is very timely amid the growing threats of climate change. Brands are going organic, and are making sure that they use low-impact materials.

Versatile Sportswear, Athleisure Fashion for Men

Sporty outfits are all about multi-functionality. Your clothes should be able to perform across all activities you have lined up for the day — be it exercising, or going for a meeting. Boundaries have been blurred, and all you have to do is trust your discretion and be stylish about it.

Retro Sportswear, Athleisure Fashion

Apparently, the matching tracksuit ensemble is here to stay — whether you like it or not. Retro fashion in sportswear is going to be a much bigger trend in 2020. And bright colors, big logos and vibrant patterns are all the rage.

Athleisure Fashion for Men, Men's Fashion and Style

How to Dress Athleisure?

  1. Pair your sporty basics with your favorite casual items.
  2. Swap some of your usual casual outfits for sporty pieces. For example, wear a bomber jacket instead of a coat, or jogger pants instead of jeans or trousers.
  3. Have some sporty accessories ready to up your athleisure fashion game. A baseball cap is a good way to start. 
  4. Make sneakers your go-to footwear.
  5. Be on the lookout for seasonal athleisure trends.
  6. Remember to be stylish — so don’t wear worn-out gym clothes and call it athleisure.

II. A Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes & Other Accessories

There’s a saying that goes: you can tell a lot about a man by the shoe he wears. And this is true. Style is in the details, and a man who doesn’t know a thing about fashion can easily ruin a nice suit by wearing the wrong shoes.

Men's Shoes and Accessories, Men's Fashion

The same thing goes for the other men’s fashion accessories. Think of them as the icing on the cake. They’re really not necessary, but they can make or break an outfit. Most often, they are the small details that complete the look. And a man who has style knows how to use fashion accessories to his advantage.

1. Different Types of Men’s Shoes

Besides telling something about a man’s fashion sense, men’s shoes say a lot about his personality. A more laid-back, casual guy prefers sneakers. The businessman has more dress shoes in his wardrobe, while the athletic dude prefers trainers.

Dress Shoes: Your Formal Footwear

Men's Dress Shoes, Men's Fashion

Dress shoes are a must-have for every man. It doesn’t matter whether you’re only going to wear them once a year. You’ll need dress shoes for formal events such as weddings, once-a-year charity gala, or even job interviews. If you can only buy one pair, opt for a black leather as it is versatile and can complement any wardrobe and color.

The Open-Laced Derbies

The Derby is a type of dress shoes that have open lacing. Unlike the more formal Oxfords, the Derby is more relaxed and laid-back. If you’re wearing a less formal attire or smart casual, then a pair of brown Derbies is your perfect option.

The Close-Laced Oxfords

The ultimate dress shoes, Oxfords are your go-to formal footwear. Classic and elegant, black Oxfords are the finest shoes you wear to the finest of occasions. These dapper pair calls for a black suit or tuxedo. Unlike the Derby, the Oxfords have closed lacing and features eyelet tabs that are stitched across the bottom.

Casual Shoes: For Fashionably Laid-Back Days

Casual Shoes for Men, Men's Fashion and Style

Just because you’re going to a casual BBQ party doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress up fashionably. Shoes can make or break even the most laid-back of wardrobes. Therefore, it’s important to get them right.

Easy & Stylish Loafers

For less formal events such as BBQs or dinners by the pool, loafers are your perfect footwear of choice. They’re versatile and relaxed yet stylish enough to go hobnobbing with colleagues or potential business partners. Loafers can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Trendy & Versatile Sneakers

If you’re wearing jeans and a shirt, then you can always opt for a pair of trendy sneakers to finish off your casual look. You’ll never go wrong with white sneakers — they’re classic, trendy and fashionable. What’s more, they’re versatile and can be worn with jeans, khakis or chinos.

Sporty & Comfy Trainers

For ultimate comfort and wearability, trainers are your best options. It’s even better if you’re into fitness and you can easily go from coffee with friends to the gym without having to change your shoes. Luckily, today’s trend is all about comfort and versatility.

2. Men’s Watches: A Man’s Ultimate Accessory

Men's Watches, Men's Fashion Accessories

Watches are men’s ultimate accessory. Since men have very limited options when it comes to jewelry and other accessories, they turn to watches to up their fashion game. Hence, men usually have a different watch for different occasion or activity — from dress watch to dive watch. Wearing a watch with style is easy. It all depends on your personal style and lifestyle preferences.    

A dress watch is your best accessory for formal events. They’re usually thinner than your usual watch, with a minimalist dial and a leather strap. They’re meant to be worn nicely under a dress shirt cuff without being bulky or too conspicuous.

From running to golfing and yachting, a man has to have a separate watch for his hobbies and sports. This is understandable as these sports watches each have their own specific features meant to help and enhance the sport.

Aside from being a tool watch used for diving, dive watches nowadays are becoming a popular fashion accessory. Let’s blame James Bond for wearing his dive watch with a tuxedo. Dive watches are one of the most versatile timepieces you can own, as you can wear it for business or leisure. 

3. Men’s Perfume: A Manual for Smelling Nice

Men's Perfume, Men's Fashion Accessories

There’s something about a man that smells nice. Maybe because most men cannot be bothered about wearing a perfume  or cologne that when you meet one who does, he somehow leaves a good impression. Fragrance is an invisible aspect of your personality that affects how people perceive and remember you. Not only that, on a personal level, smelling good also leaves you feeling good.

Different Types of Men’s Fragrances

Wearing perfume can be tricky. It’s not about how fragrant the perfume is, it’s about how the scent complements your own taste and personality. Below are three of the most common types of scents that you can choose from. 

A favorite of most men, woody scents have that warm and earthy fragrance that gives off a very manly smell. Woody perfumes have leathery notes derived from nature, most commonly cedar and sandalwood.

Fresh fragrances remind you of that fresh-off-the-shower feeling. They give off a lively scent that has hints of citrus and oranges, crisp smells, sea breezes, or freshly-cut grass.

The oriental scent is defined by exciting spices such as vanilla or patchouli that denote sensuality. These scents are often musky and heavy, which is why not a lot of people can carry this scent.

4. Men’s Belts: How To Cinch Your Style

Men's Leather Belt, Men's Fashion Accessories

Belts are an important men’s accessory that are often overlooked. Most men only think about belts for their function and not in terms of style. Hence, some men only wear a belt when it’s necessary, i.e., when wearing loose pants. However, this small accessory can have a big impact. It can either pull your whole look together, literally and figuratively, or it can break the whole outfit.

Formal Belts: Choose Sophisticated & Understated

For a formal suit or a tuxedo, you certainly need to wear a belt. Remember a formal belt or a dress belt should be a subtle yet sophisticated accessory to your outfit and shouldn’t distract the whole look. Opt for an understated black leather belt with very minimal pattern.

Casual Belts: Opt for Simple Or Funky

In general, the rule is you should wear a belt with pants that have belt loops, especially if you’re tucking in your shirt. However, if you’re wearing your shirt untucked, it’s okay not to wear one if the pants fit perfectly. Depending on the pants, you can either opt for a simple casual leather brown belt or go for funkier ones that go with your outfit or personality.

5. Men’s Bags: Fashion at Arm’s Length

Men's Briefcase, Men's Fashion Accessories

Have you ever met someone who was so impeccably dressed only to realize he was actually carrying a tattered backpack? You got it right, it’s very common for men to neglect their bags when it comes to personal style. They forget to realize that just like shoes or the inconspicuous belts, bags can make or break an outfit.

Don’t get us wrong, you don’t need to carry a briefcase if your job does not actually require you to own one. But at least upgrade your backpack to something more fashionable and more grown up.

Backpacks are one of the best inventions in fashion. They are convenient and easy to carry, and they’re the most practical bag you can ever own. As a grown man, however, you should carry a more grown-up type of backpack. Think leather with a neutral color that has a more luxurious feel and appearance. That way, you can get away with carrying it even if you’re off to a business meeting. On the other hand, avoid the more sporty and youthful kind with lots of different colors. Save those for the gym or a weekend hike.   

Just like a backpack, the messenger bag is convenient and practical, especially if you need to bring around your laptop every day. This type of bag is more versatile than the backpack. Depending on the material and design, you can either carry it with a casual outfit or with a more formal get-up. Get a leather messenger bag for your business use and either a rubber or canvas one to go with your casual attire.

Now, if you need a bag for more formal business affairs, then get yourself a briefcase. You don’t have to carry this every day, though, as it’s not very practical and convenient. This has limited space compared to the messenger bag or the backpack. However, the style factor makes up for the limited space and inconvenience.

III. Men’s Grooming & Self-Care: What You Need to Know

Men's Grooming, Men's Shaving

Gone are the days when men’s unkempt hair and raw, natural body odor were considered sexy. Today, men’s grooming is a fundamental part of our daily lives. It is crucial in building and keeping relationships — not just personal but professional, too.

1. Simple & Effective Hair Care 

Throughout history, hair has played an important role in our perception of beauty and virility. Hair also expresses both our social and professional status, including culture and religion. For men, well-kept hair does not only contribute to good looks, but it also boosts confidence. It embodies machismo and masculinity.

Men's Hairstyle, Men's Grooming, Men's Fashion

Best Hairstyles that Suit Your Face Shape

When deciding the hairstyle that you want, it is important to be aware of the shape of your face. The shape of your face and head largely influences how your hair cut and style would look on you. Below are some of the most common face shapes and the hairstyles and haircuts that suit them.

  • Oval shape. Regarded as the ideal face shape because of its proportions, an oval face shape allows you to wear almost any hairstyle. Suitable hairstyles: Ivy League haircut, slick back, spiked hair
  • Square shape. With the square face shape, the forehead, jaw and cheekbones are almost equal in width. The jaw is prominently square. To soften the jawline, choose hairstyles that will help balance the proportion. Suitable hairstyles: Crew cut, quiff, brush up, and pompadour haircut
  • Round shape. Round face shape has almost the same proportions as the square-shaped, but with softer edges. Suitable Hairstyles: Pompadour, fringe, spiky or side part
  • Diamond shape. A diamond-shaped face has an angular shape with a narrow jaw and forehead. Suitable Hairstyles: Slick back hair, fringe, brush up or faux hawk

Easy Hair Care Routine for Men

Hair Care Routine for Men, Men's Grooming, Men's Fashion

  • Shampoo your hair at least once a day. Shampooing is the foundation of all hair care.

Washing your hair is the foundation of a good hair care routine. It’s basic hygiene. Nobody wants a stylish yet dirty hair.  So the first step in your hair care routine is washing or shampooing. Shampooing removes excess dirt and oils from the hair. Without regular shampooing, your hair can become smelly, flaky and dirty.

  • Use hair conditioner. Conditioning replenishes oils and nutrients.

While washing or shampooing your hair removes dirt and debris from your hair, it also removes its natural oil, leaving hair dry and brittle. You need a conditioner to give back the nutrients and oils that washing has removed. A conditioner treats your hair with nutrients, thus improving its condition.

  • Find out which styling product works for you.  

Washing and conditioning your hair not only keep it healthy, but these also give it the foundation that your hair needs for great styling. There are two crucial things you need to know about styling your own hair. First is knowing what style you want and what suits your face and lifestyle. And second is using the right product, such as gels, pomade, and hair wax, and hair styling tools suited to your hair type and style.

2. Simple & Effective Facial Care 

When it comes to skincare, it is important that you know your skin type in order to use products that will work effectively for you. Using the right product and routine for your type of skin will not only prove beneficial to your skin, but it will also prevent you from irritating and aggravating it.

Men's Facial Care Routine, Men's Grooming, Men's Fashion

How to determine your skin type?

Wash your face.
Pat it dry with a towel and do not put on any moisturizer.
Wait for one hour and examine your face

The Result:

  • If it feels itchy and tight, your skin is dry.
  • You have oily skin if it’s shiny and greasy after an hour.
  • If your T-zone is oily, but dry on the cheeks or jaws, chances are you have combination skin.
  • If it gets red, itchy and irritated, you might have sensitive skin.

Easy Facial Care Routine for Men

  • Wash your face. Cleansing is the most important step in your facial care regimen.

Washing your face is the first step to your face grooming. In fact, it is the foundation of your face grooming routine. If you don’t cleanse your face properly, the dirt on your face will clog your pores that could lead to drying, excess oil and skin infections, including acne and pimples.

  • Shave regularly. Shaving helps keep your face free of debris that cause acne and irritation.

Commonly practised by men to remove hair on the face (or other parts of the body), shaving is a big part of men’s grooming routine. Shaving helps to remove accumulated skin debris that causes acne. Some men simply want a clean-shaven face. Others prefer to grow a beard that they can style according to preference.

  • Add moisturizer to your regimen. Moisturizing helps retain and replenish moisture.

It is a fact that men’s skin is thicker and rougher than women’s, and it develops wrinkles deeper than women’s, too. Hence, all the more that men need to moisturize their skin after washing. Not only does a moisturizer help retain the skin moisture, but it also helps replenish the moisture that is lost from washing.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup. Light cosmetics such as tinted BB creams are a good way to hide imperfections.

Male cosmetics, such as men’s BB cream and concealer, may not be as big as women’s, but there is a bigger market for it nowadays. Being the last area of men’s grooming to be finally accepted, albeit slow by society, men now have a lot of options for male cosmetics. Male skincare companies are claiming sales growth of about 50% every year. They foresee makeup for men to grow at the same rate in the future.

3. Easy Body Care Routine for Men

Most men have their own everyday hygiene routine. Unfortunately, some still believe that a bar of soap and water are enough to the job. For their benefit, here is a simple guide to keeping your body clean and healthy.

Men's Body Care, Showering, Men's Grooming

  • Take a shower daily. Taking a shower at least once a day proves to improve not just one’s basic hygiene, but also one’s mood.

Some dermatologists argue that it is not necessary to take a shower every day. But this depends on the activities you’ve done in a day. In general, we take a shower to wash away dirt, sweat and dead skin cells, thereby preventing body odor. If you’ve had a long day or you have sweat it out at the gym, then it is necessary that you take a shower at least before going to bed.

  • Always moisturize after taking a shower. Because men’s skin is drier and rougher than women’s, all the more that you need to put on lotion.

If you’re like most men, you probably don’t bother to put on lotion either. That is totally fine provided you have oily skin. However, if you have naturally dry skin, it is better to use put on body lotion after every shower or bath. You don’t need to lather lotion all over your body. You can apply it on areas that need moisture most, such as arms, legs, and shoulders. Pay attention more to your knees and elbows as they tend to be drier.

  • Wear anti-perspirant or deodorant. This practice helps prevent body odor. Enough said.

Sweating is our body’s way to pass waste out, especially through the underarms. Although sweat by nature is not smelly, once bacteria breaks it down, sweat begins to stink. Hence, the need to wear a deodorant — which contains antibacterial ingredients — to prevent body odor.

  • Consider manscaping. As they say, it is the ultimate form of men’s self-care. 

Coined from the words ‘man’ and ‘landscaping’, manscaping is the ultimate male body grooming, which involves trimming or totally removing hair on most part of a man’s body. We’re talking about the hair on your chest, back, stomach, arms, legs, eyebrows, and your uhmm, private parts. You can either shave, wax, pluck, tweeze, or laser the unwanted hair. Some do it professionally, others do it themselves.

IV. Finishing Touches

There you have it, gentlemen… a simple and effective guide to men’s fashion and style. Dressing well is not just about choosing which type of wardrobe to wear and how to wear them. Most importantly, men’s fashion is about how you present yourself to the world — all well-groomed, whether jeans-clad or suited up.

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